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This was supposed to be the winner of spending after last year's nuclear winner in baseball. We're spending on free agents actually went down. And it was so bad. They had to put together a spring training site for free agents guys who didn't have jobs. Players waited until the last second to get deals guys. Like Jake Arrieta with the Phillies. We're still waiting. Bryce Harper and Manny Machado with ten weeks to go until spring training. In ear bone say there, we're down to two teams for Harper. Then we're down to only two teams for Machado. Only three teams total. He's got the White Sox and Phillies for Machado. Any Scott the Phillies in nationals for Harper. So what happens? What happens if Machado signs with the Phillies? At that point what leverage this Harper half. He'd have to take the national steel. So it's interesting to me that if. If one of these teams if one of these guy if one of these guys takes the deal from the Phillies, I think it freezes the other guy out, and it leaves either Machado were Harper with only one destination. In one of those destinations for Manny Machado is the Chicago White Sox. A team that went sixty two and one hundred last year. You don't have a playoff team there. The nationals missed the playoffs. Embarrassingly? The Braves won the NFL east shockingly. The Phillies were in playoff contention for five months and then fell apart in September. And the White Sox were just awful. No yankees. No dodgers. No cubs. This is. For for a baseball fan of any of those teams. If you're a cubs fan. Your team missed the playoffs last year. You had to go to game one sixty three against the brewers. You have Addison Russell at shortstop right now. I'm not gonna go into Anniston. Russell. I'm not gonna detail his off the field situation. Let's just say that's a guy probably would not want to bring back on my team next year. The cubs have pretty much blank checks. They can right. Endless resources. They have a problem at shortstop. And it's the other Chicago team the one net lost one hundred games last year. That's interested in Manny Machado. How about the Yankees? The Yankees lose to the Red Sox and four games. They get bounced out of the divisional round by their arch rival they watch the Red Sox win the World Series. So what does? So what happens with the Yankees the following offseason? They trade for a pretty good starting pitcher James packs, and he's like, I think ideally, you're number two starter. You want Severino to be your, oh, you've got Paxton now who sets up as you're too. That's a good trade. You signed Troy Troy Lewinsky who I don't think it's anything left. And you signed DJ LeMay Mayhew to a two year twenty four million dollar deal. And the question with with him is what kind of guy are we getting outside. Of course field. There's some buyer beware. With a player like LeMay, Hugh. You have Luke Voight and Greg bird who can't stay healthy at first base in Harper has told you. That if you sign him he's willing to play first base. Harper at a terrible year defensively. A twenty eighteen is defensive metrics were awful. But he hit over thirty home runs. Drove in one hundred in a down year. I just can't fathom the George Steinbrenner Yankees having access to a twenty six year old player like Bryce Harper. Who's in his who's potentially in his prime? And the Red Sox win the World Series. So you've been passed in your own division by the team. You hate. There's no way that George Steinbrenner Yankees would let a Bryce Harper sign with the Phillies or the nationals. There would have already been a press conference in New York. There might have been a press conference for both guys Machado and Harper in New York. If you're a fan of one of those teams veer Yankees fan. Man. I don't think little trinkets and little. Little surprises in your stockings. Like, Troy tool Lewinsky and DJ la- make your good enough. It's an arms race. And now they're so much concern about proper spending and fair value and. More than ever baseball puts a number on thing things and. There's probably all kinds of studies that teams like the Yankees have commissioned that show that if they give Bryce Harper a ten year three hundred and fifty million dollar deal that four or five years into the deal. They're gonna regret it. But that's just the kind of thing the Yankees used to do. I'm shocked from this perspective that no teams have signed Machado or Harper. One of the things you do in the off season. Is you sign a player like that say in November or December? And you will you give your fan base. Three months. To buy tickets to buy merchandise into get excited into buy in and you market, and you promote your team in a totally different way. In the Phillies are probably going to be able to do that. If they sign one of these guys, and it looks like they will. But. They'll have. They'll have a month and a half before. Everybody shows up in spring training. You'll have like a month before pitchers and catchers report. So I don't I don't really get it. It's been a it's been a slow boring. Dull baseball offseason. What's the biggest move? That's been made. A salary duct trade by the dodgers given up. Kempin puig. Alex would to the reds. Paul Goldschmidt to the cardinals. That's the best player who got moved. That's to a non playoff team. That's. Know one anywhere between eighty three and eighty nine games. The last few years. Monte Grindal one year deal. I mean. We just had had heard for years that this was going to be the baseball offseason, the spring training cycle that set the sport on its ear. Mega bucks for these guys. All these big market teams were manipulating their rosters to put themselves in position to make a run at Harper and Machado and now instead of going through with it. They're coming up with excuses for why they won't. And if a Yankees fan, I would be. Disappointed. I would be extremely frustrated that I have a team that is second in its division that has the money to bring in a Bryce Harper and won't. I would be frustrated if I'm a cubs fan. I've watched the cardinals get better. We collapsed last year. And yet we have no interest in heart and Machado in worse yet in awful team in our division might be the team that signs him. And if I'm Harper and Machado. I am disgusted that it's come to this. Where there are. No, great teams interested. And there are only a couple of teams to choose from if Manny Machado signs with the White Sox. I know they've got this treasure chest of prospects in the future looks bright. But at least at the beginning Machado, it's going to look like he's going to a team that he just laughed. It's going to look like it's going to look so strange that he's going from the Orioles pitstop with the dodgers to another losing outfit. It's a team that plays second fiddle in its town. So I want to get some of your thoughts right now. I want to hear from Yankees fans on Harper Machado. I wanna hear from cubs fans on Harper Machado. I want to hear from baseball fans on the slow off-season in what they make of it. Who would you rather sign? It looks like the Phillies are going to have their choice and are going to get one. Which guy would you take first? Who would you want first Harper Machado? Let's get some of your thoughts in here at eight five five two one two four CBS. That's eight five five two one two four two two seven. Down the two teams for each guys for each guy. They're still not signed the Yankees aren't interested. The cubs aren't interested. The dodgers aren't interested big market teams with big pockets are interested in Harper Machado. Why? What's the reason? Why isn't why isn't Machado fit for the cubs? Why is it? Harper fit for the Yankees. If you're a fan of one of those teams in you want to see your team win a World Series. How does it make you feel that you're settling for second rate in third rate players the cubs assigned you Darvish, but they won't sign Manny Machado figure that one out. Who should the Phillies prefer Harper Machado? Eight five five two one two four CBS..

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