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Is it only one. I thought was on spa asking oscar. Naomi alexa nikki ash. Formerly nikki. cross. Live morgan zelina vega own natalia. Sorry i'm sorry. No no. they just announced. They just announced the taught natalia off the air that that is right So yes so. Natalia is number seven and then on smackdown and guests. We're gonna get number eight. Who do you think is number eight. I got guesses. What's your guess. Rebecca lynch becky lynch whether you can put nikki nikki. I mean you could start tony storm right in there. If on smackdown sasha banks. Maybe becky lynch is great. But it doesn't need to be in the money in the bank ladder match to get to get a huge pop. You know becky lynch could just like you know. T's a run or something i mean and also i mean not for nothing but your first match back from having a kid. It's been a year and a ladder match like come on guys. It's ask a lot. I mean i don't know maybe. She does the brock listener and gets announced that the very last moment and just walks in climbs up and toss us somebody off the ladder. You know she kinda just k- she kind of just gave up her title so if anybody's entitled to just kind of walk up and had that opportunity definitely her right. Yeah well let me. She could also just woke up. She could be the ninth person she could walk up and take an ask for a spot since she gave us title right. I mean shouldn't she kind of did that already rumble race anyway. That would be really fun. Who do you think wins. I think i kind of feel like tb tvd wins. I feel like i like this. Could go with a lot of different ways but like i kind of feel like the steam has gone from alexa bliss. I would've been in a not. That i would say having alexa bliss carrying a briefcase. It'd be silly. But that's that i think w w they're always happy to put on a hat as they say you know..

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