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To the to the rhymes wraps. Hugh mama's booty, wind chimes fluid in the wind, bringing around Kosovo hard about her by the pound wins of the delis got three ounces foot, your mama like life pounces Posey, nine to five factor mama just to stay alive of vampire. I gotta suck your mama. Ozama. Doc it down, knock you members was down where was building? Seven. Okay. Notice your your, you know your mom's bus. He does not. It's boiling point is less than steel. Just start asking questions, America, stab, you fucking sheep. Will. Yeah. I mean, well, we had our three hundred episode was the last thing we did right? And I watched that clip of me trying to learn from open Mike. We did an episode after that. Did we? I don't know why I can't learn things. You have to remember shit learn. You're gonna have hard worker. It wouldn't matter if you're in alcoholics. He's. I've been to the crossroads eat times when we're gonna learn the blues, keep drinking too much. Ralph Maccioni in the movie crossroads. I obviously I, yes, I do. Yes. I do have a story from from from from EMMY night that I don't think in any trouble you you were at the Emmys. I was at the one EMMY. We all. And what I mean is when I say, I mean, I mean the show that I work on, but like we'll, where are you know, it's it's this shows about me. I want an EMMY right in mixed company. I'd be like, you know, who want an EMMY is sid in marketing. Right. Remember when they marketed brick and mortar successfully. Yeah, that fateful day. Yeah, thank you. Sit. It isn't a word for everybody. So they were saying, well, I do have I hear the craziest fucking thing. I so we maybe I oversold it by saying that because it's also like insidiously not crazy. It was just this ad thing or maybe on listening to to any of these creepy pasta podcasts where there's just like these little stories about little shit where you encounter like you accidentally like open this love crafty and advent window Challender of your monotonous life and the who wrote the subway wrong. And then the people had tentacles and slender man was like, what next stop I have no face and then and then you then you went back, never touching elevator wrong. Are you going to tell the EMMY story in a crazy Canadian. You wanna put lakes. Go to the EMMY awards. It. So we get sat in, you know, with your peeps likes like two big production. We got like basically a full row in this auditorium is sort of like you look down the row and you're seeing people that you've worked with and that are there tonight for that are on the show, and but that's not, you know, you don't recognize it's an entire row. So that's not necessarily a thing that you're conscious of then. So Justin because he's the cool one shows up last and I had been sitting there with Cody and then there's another row behind us and Ryan released back there and the people like, you know, there's another whole role behind us and people are chanting in. Things and the theater slowly fills up Justin's like rolling in with his girlfriend like really close to just like that lights are going down and they're gonna. They're guy comes out and explains your acceptance. Speech has to be this long and when you if I do this, you got to do this or whatever. And it's like not a big deal, but just as standing in the aisle, and he's got an estate and he's like making this gesture, and we finally realize, oh shit, we look at the row and there's there's one seat empty and he's standing there with his date and he's going like. You know he's like making because we're all having to be hushed now and he's like. And we're like, oh God, what one seat open. And so then the flurry of this panic starts to happen. What what could possibly go. So I don't know when to reveal that this whole time in the story the there's this guy sitting there that is alone and is not does not work on the show and is and is just sort of like he looked I, you know, if I was casting this movie cast him, I would cast Jolo truly, oh, as us, this guy. It was. It was..

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