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And i was wondering about this in a team environment how you would actually draw out other people's perspectives to give you that self awareness and i'm hearing the best play is to start by maybe at mit it's said of asking do you do you see these tendencies in me say hey i see this in me what do you think and then you have invited people into that discussion differently you really have and there's something magical about having it written down on a piece of paper usurper one and then hand them the pen i often talk about this with multiplier sort of like the power of the pen and invite them to circle it it is the safest easiest way to give feedback let me i i want to offer a personal testimonial on this so i my husband and i worked together we've been married for thirty one years my i'm married to like one of the nicest people on the planet and he is absolutely nice kind never said a mean thing me in thirty one years is a really really amazing human being this way but he doesn't give feedback he has conflict of you know like i'm sure he's been thinking some things he wished he could say to me but he just doesn't say him well our team decided to try this here's what i see is my accident diminish tendency what do you see i've been trying to give him to give me professional feedback and kind of like marital feedback for thirty one years and i've got nothing and i've tried jeff i dried and and i handed him this piece of paper and said here's what i see as my accidents dementia tendency what do you see he took that pen and he said live you're you're a little bit of a pacesetter you tend to like leave me behind and you're on it and i'm like wow like tell me how that shows up that's super interesting now at its core read this book as well that.

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