Phoenix, Arizona, President Trump discussed on Chad Benson


In Phoenix this afternoon in Arizona with thousands of young Americans he called on his supporters to resist what he called the leftist mob we must prevail on November third we have to prevail the president spoke for about ninety minutes in unlawful assembly was called outside of dream city church where president trump spoke this afternoon dozens of protesters along with KTR reporters say they heard three loud bangs and then sell plume of smoke Phoenix police has confirmed that use flash bangs pepper balls and pepper spray to disperse the crowd no arrests have been made at this time however they do say two officers were assaulted earlier this morning his first stop was in Yuma my administration has done more than any administration in history to secure our southern border president trump began his meeting praising the work of border officials nearly four hundred and fifty thousand pounds of drugs have been seized this year and two thousand three hundred and thirty seven criminal aliens have been apprehended the president visited the border wall construction in San Luis Arizona and commemorated two hundred mile of the wall construction firefighters stopping for progress on the queue a fire northeast of carefree highway and I seventeen that's been burning since the afternoon for about a thousand acres and is affected about two hundred homes that had to be evacuated when structures lost it with some other buildings destroyed the fire is now under investigation if you do need shelter heads the red cross evacuation center set up at the boulder creek high school that's near the I. seventeen and daisy mountain drive let's get a check now on our traffic and weather in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center it's Josh Hey yes Julie into crash showed up northbound on the one on one this is partially blocking the Macallan offramp use caution if you're exiting the freeway here Osborne is closed at sixty Seventh Avenue because of a sinkhole from yesterday with Indian school or Thomas instead so we've got a wreck involving extrication slowing things down on fortieth street and University fifty second street or twenty fourth street are good alternatives this report is sponsored by the Crohn's and colitis foundation the Crohn's and colitis foundation has been at the forefront.

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