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D. W N. Good morning. I'm John Shafer a fifty year old former police detective in mesquite has pleaded guilty in federal court in Utah in eighteen sex case Gary Erickson of bunkerville, avoided trial with his plea on Monday to a charge of crossing state lines to engage in illicit sexual conduct Ericsson is expected to face up to five years in prison. He was arrested in September of last year after the parents of a fifteen year old Saint George boy, contacted police about photos. The team had been exchanging with Ericsson, former assemblywoman Victoria, semen was elected to represent ward to unlock Vegas city council semen received more than thirty nine percent of the votes cast to defeat seven other challengers, all vying for the seat became available after councilman Steve sirocco resigned in early March previewing, potentially nasty fight, if they meet in the general election next year, President Trump, and Joe Biden have been trading barbs in Iowa before leaving here for I with the president lobbed grade school insults at Biden calling him a Lou. User, you'll buy is a dummy and later in council bluffs, that nobody respects by dot even other Democrats. This is what happened at nearly the same moment on the other side of Iowa Biden said he was fascinated by all the presidential attention. But bided himself had already mentioned, the president by name, roughly a dozen times while insisting he was just pointing out policy differences, not mudslinging as totally different than attacking his character or lack thereof. If you aren't that saga megani at the White House. A pilot has been critically burned after the crash of a small plane in north Phoenix, Phoenix fire department crews were dispatched to the scene about three Tuesday afternoon after the single engine Mooney m twenty crashed on the side of a road and burst into flames. The party say the fifty year old pilot was the only person aboard suffered second and third degree burns that plane was headed to Nevada. The former Stanford sailing coach said to be sentenced today for taking bribes in exchange for helping students. Get into the universe. Versity prosecutors are seeking thirteen.

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