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He's definitely not playing in the first six games as far as I'm concerned Chicago by even without hill, still Travis Kelsey and others as well. And he'll make Travis Kelsey that much more dangerous. He's still have Mahomed now see the key for me for Kansas City. It's last year it was his first year as a starter meal. It was the second year. Overall, I years a starter. Let's see how defensive coordinators come up with a game plans to defense Mahomes now that they've had an entire off-season to evaluate both his strengths and his weaknesses that could, you know, we, we saw the opposite, I've mentioned before how Jared Goff, improved from your one year two, we've seen other quarterbacks take steps back from year one year two so that may very well be especially you know, no, Kareem hunt anymore. No most likely not Iraq hill for ill possibly F a season. We don't know. But it is quite possible he'll serve some suspension. So it may very well. Come down to how well, Patrick Mahomes starts the season and what the kind of Justice have been made. So even though it's quite likely I'm almost certain Kansas City will be favored, but I would not be shocked, especially if they perform well against any others, we've talked about, this is virtually an entirely new, what's about two thirds turnovers sixty percent turnover from ROY. Last year, at least fifty right now. Yeah. Last year was grew first year. It was a year for him to evaluate the talent that he inherited make some decisions on who was going to have smart of future. And we wanted to get rid of and the changes to be made. So it's a it's not a totally different, but a largely different team this year. More in John gruden's, mold. And we'll see just how good of a talented valuator is if he still has the touch that he showed back in the days when he was their coach. Tampa, Bay's coach, you know decade and I for more than a decade ago and that it, I won't say that Kansas City win is a significant indicator, but a win over Kansas City would probably put an entirely different light on those next games after that when they start playing on the road. There you going out Minnesota. We know the Kirk cousins did not get off to a good start last year. So they're going to be under a lot of pressure to make the postseason this year. Adding the Annapolis. You talked about the colts. This is a team that got offense of help to give TY Hilton a little bit of help as far as. Received goals this year. A lot of people doing won't won't surprise me. Andrew luck in company get to that, that take very long, maybe what half a season for Andrew luck to become the old. Andrew luck last year. It was a little bit rusty coming back from the injury, little tenth. And if you can understand that, but by the time we got to November he was every bit the quarterback that he had been prior to injury, again, outside of Detroit. They get Detroit on November third when they come back, but you're playing the other three teams from the NFC north at Minnesota at Green Bay. And you get you Kogyo you're not at home. It's a home game for the raiders, but it's going to be a Tottenham stadium in England and the bears. Very, very solid team. An outstanding year last year, we don't know what your biscuit company will bring this year. They don't have Howard, but they have Cohen, grab another good running back that Montgomery. Yeah. I like this kid David Montgomery out of Iowa State. So a lot of tough games there by the time that Takagi game in London comes around we'll have at least some idea because it will be fifth game of the season. Well, if somebody is whether or not the bears are going to be able to. To build on last year success or take a step back. Some people believe they will be those, although it's third year, you know, we'll see Trubisky. Can he showed him proven from his rookie year last year? Let's see what happens in year three. All right. What Andy was saying real quick as far as the raiders when you look at the roster currently the depth chart Antonio Brown Tiro Williams than hunter run for the fifth round pick out of Clemson listed as a slot receiver. But it's Brown and Williams listed as the two starting wideouts, Colin Miller was there last year he'll stay left tackle they did go out and grab left tackle, Trent Brown gave him a boatload of money coming over from New England. But Trent Brown will move the right tackle gave Jackson still at right guard. Rodney Hudson outstanding center Denzel good banged up a little bit there when he was playing with the colts, but is there to take over the left guard position? They have Chaz green who never really develop their with San Francisco was also part of Dallas. We'll see if he's got anything left in the tank, Derek carrier Darren Waller was what I saw today was listed as the first time. End. We'll see how the tight imposition plays out, foster Moreau. They grabbed him very good. Blocker from LSU, Derek, Carr will stay there starting quarterback. You're backing up with Mike Lennon. They also have Nathan Peterman and Landry Jones battling it out for the next two spots. The backup Derek Carr, Josh Jacobs listed as the one as far as the running backs. The other guys in the stable, Doug Martin brought back after the achilles injury to Crowell who they got from the jets Chris Warren in the mix. There de'andre Washington, but Shalem short was reassigned. He'll be that guy out of the backfield. He in Washington. Similar backs key Smith back at fullback, but a couple of good ones Alec England out of Wisconsin, and Ryan. You're a check who they grabbed over from the forty Niners. Both those guys very capable as far as playing the tight end position on the defense go with Cleveland Farrow, who they took number four overall in that first round. Mo- Hearst outstanding rookie campaign last year. The kid out of Michigan. They grabbed Jonathan hankins from San Francisco last year to help out on defensive tackle or key has put on a lot. Await up top. We talked about that in being very slender up top great speed around the end but was able to bulk up pretty good with the strength and conditioning. Good job. I key expect big things from him and then you look linebacker. There's a lot of question marks Brandon Moore show. Avant has CT these two guys coming over from Denver and Cincinnati respectively, and then lamarcus Joyner key acquisition to help out Gary in Conley. Coral Joseph Nick Nelson in the secondary and remember the two rookies, they grabbed Jonathan Abram. He was the third number one pick out of Mississippi State and Trayvon Mullin was that I pick the raiders exercised in the second round out of Clemson, so a lot of depth now at least right now at the gate, we'll see how the youngster max with two Xs, max Crosby eastern, Michigan very solid, as far as defensive and see if he's able to make the squad as well. But a lot of work for may Aachen grooten to do. They've got the names on paper that make the squad look a lot better than last year. But there's a lot of work to do for the silver blind. Don't know how well. They'll do this year, I tend to be more optimistic than pessimistic. But I think that they will come into their first year in Las Vegas, and I would not be surprised if course we don't know what the Russel will like we don't know what will happen this season if they were first round picks next year if if their season win total is eight or eight and a half for the first season here Vegas goat is at six right now, if I were gonna play it, I play it over. But I'm I can't he says he's more optimistic on definitely out domestic. Well, the thing that concerns me is, I was I seven games where they conceivably could be one in six. And sometimes when you do that I don't necessarily say that you tank, I don't think players tank, I think maybe management and ownership puts them into position where they can't succeed as well as perhaps, if they had made certain moves or didn't make certain moves. But sometimes what happens is that. You don't have that same intensity when you are one in seven, and your or one in six and your season is essentially over before you get the Halloween. So that's why those first seven games, I would say best case scenario would be three and four. I think the raiders will say they'd love to be seven oh, and at worst five and two, but I think realistically three and four would be a record that would be incurred would be still considered encouraging for the final nine games of the season. All real quick before we take our final break UNLV running rebels men's basketball TJ burger the new head honcho here in Vegas. Gets Aaron estate transfer vitality. Shovel. From issue, six nine forward, a grad transfer but has two seasons of eligibility. He'll be able to step in right now and play the next two years if he decides to do so somebody that played as a freshman. A lot of games had a lot of starts was part of fifteen and three run for Bobby. Hurley ASU a couple years ago. So we'll see vitality. Schauble can add to the mix there as far as coach Otto burgers team, joins Joan Antonio Moses would who is David woods, kid remember, David would I called him one of the human bruises? I mean this guy would dive on the court for everything played his basketball, if they're in Nevada and Jimmy true long who they got a transfer from Texas very solid player. So you know, auto burger doing his job right now, trying to bring some neighbor crews out of that transfer portal over to UNLV out the runner up that's going to be, I think, more of what we're gonna see in the future coaches doing that as. Trying to build an established themselves as take advantage of not necessarily players that other teams didn't want, but players who perhaps felt that they might see more playing time. Elsewhere. Of course, there's always the threat that you come from one school to another. You don't get the plane time that you thought you were going to get when you made the move, and he'll you're gone after one year. But from what I recall also burger has dealt with a programs being built with with players coming in, you know, mid career so that shouldn't be an unusual challenge for him here. Very go Boston. Bruins Bill await the winners of the winner of the San Jose Sharks, Saint Louis blues series with the sharks leading two games to one when I come back. We'll go over the overnight lines with Andy isco also get his take major league baseball. We've got the adjusted divisional odds, and we'll go rapid fire with AI. See if he sees any value on some of those divisional odds were live for new one five FM seven twenty K. W N, Ken Thompson, Andy Iskoe. You can go to Andy's own personal.

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