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C because we mentioned Notre Dame, the other team that had the potential to do something Do some damage was was Mac Brown's UNC Tar Heels before you get a tar heels for me? Because I know you called a few of their games. I just want to start this about the Irish real quick. If it's snowing or of its raining sideways the entire game. OK, you have the process a little bit differently. The Notre Dame Notre Dame had six points with 3.5 minutes to go in the third quarter at home. Yeah, and then they were losing. Which six points, not acceptable. Look, I like Notre Dame. I can maybe excuse them. A little bit because they want to test Yeah, they had so many guys, but you know, outstanding together. Well, I know, but after a while you can't but your little brother come on talent supposed to prevail, But here's the thing. Notre Dame is not like a lot of these other schools. Like Alabama or Clemson, or even George because George is had, you know, four in the world, maybe maybe think three in a row top Ah, top recruiting classes like top five recruiting classes. Maybe even like the top three recruiting classes. Notre Dame doesn't necessarily get these elite recruit. So when you lose One or two or 5 to 10 guys, because it's Corona virus. You're playing guys maybe walked on. You know what I mean? And and cleared the clearinghouse to be on campus there on grounds there, So the only excuse I can make is that they were very disrupted and they're not. They're not three deep. You know, at every position. Where is Alabama? If not Jay Harris. They're running back goes down. Brian Robinson Jr. He's just as good. You know what I mean? It just it just is what it is. I just can't take it. That's here. I cannot give notice. Well, that's the reason why, but that's the reason why I gave it to him. But that's the that's the reason why you shouldn't take them that serious BT because Unless the conditions are ideal, they're not. They're not. They're not really a threat. You know what I mean? Especially in the A. C C to Clemson. And I was and I was saying the other team that we thought was going to be a threat Was you and see Now I saw you and see early against Syracuse and I chalked that slow start. You know, they look lethargic made because there was no fans there, you know, they had their lots of hype coming in the season with Sam Howell, who had 38 touchdown passes last year was a C C freshman of the year was All American. All these things. Mac Brown has done a great job of like reinvigorating that program but to lose the Virginia Tech, who for the fourth game in a row, BT fourth game in a row has is missing like 20 guys. You know they had their star quarterback playing. Who's gonna get drafted the first? No, he's not there. That's pretty opted that will not wait. Caleb Barley, Kalen Farley. Yes, he opted out of the right. He happened out so early. Actually, he was the first one. So you got some of these guys had opted out and because of the Corona virus they had They've made their missing like 15 to 20 guys every week and to lose to them the way that they did now. Hinden Hooker is a really good, dual purpose Quarterback for Virginia Tech, and he just got his first start this year this week, So maybe that was the difference in Carolina wasn't prepared for him. But they had no business losing the Virginia Tech. If there a top five team they lost. Nobody's challenging Clinton in the That's the bottom line. That's right. We could go in circles for three more minutes. We don't need to just watch Notre Dame play. You don't see it watched Carolina play. Don't see it as much as you need to see it. So, ah, Propst Obama for getting through a rough week with, you know, a lot of zoom's would say that not their props for Georgia for being ready to play that game. And then you know that a team with more talent pulled away in flexed and an interesting weekend college football for sure. All right, coming up. We mentioned some of the components to last night's game. The baserunning gap and obviously, bells was blast in the seventh. And coming back from 31 deficit. But what at least get this angle inlet less about the mechanics of the game or.

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