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I. Could See a little letdown for Tennessee after last week. you know being pumped up obviously to play the steelers. So stay away game for me the next game. Day Game For me chiefs giving nineteen and a half points of the jets. The Total is forty nine Mitch. Not Not a from either and I think Jimmy we're going to be on the same side you have to on the chiefs I think everyone saw this line opened at twenty one and a half. If I'm remembering, right that's the line that I saw last Sunday when people were talking about him. So I am happy to see that it's now under three touchdowns but I Just, take the chiefs, right. They're gonNA score thirty plus points they are. Awful jet steam. So then you're just looking at it and say, okay, are the jets gonNA score ten in this game well, they haven't since week four against Denver, which is that Thursday night game against a Brett rippin lead broncos Dave The jets are just they're so bad. You know it's a little bit scary. Taking a team that's favored by this much. But you know this game just has blow all over it I mean the chiefs are thirty five points and I can't imagine the jets are going to do anything. So let's do it. I'm saying already this is going to be a best for me chiefs minus I did and a half Jerry I'll just throw in I if you're ever hesitant and I'll stay away from just because I feel bad for the jets. But. If you're hesitant because of the jets defendant forms. So he got the jets defenses respectable not embarrassing. Red Zone offense and defense especially defense week to week is so fluky. It's it's just so volatile. They they they. They allowed five Joan trip last week they give up six points on those trips. That's why that game. So close, it wasn't really a close game. Over matched by the bills. So you know if the bills had scored on, yell even a third of the red zone trips that game ends up being a pretty good blow out at that point. So the jets are still still every bit as bad as you thought, they were going into last week can't believe neither of you mentioned the levy on bell revenge game here. Huge Mitch hit hit. Hit the nail right on the head with this. The fact that it would go from twenty one or twenty one and a half to nineteen and a half. I don't there's nothing to say about the game the jets are pathetic. The Chiesa score forty points and May. Worst case scenario here if you bet and the chiefs maybe mahomes only place three quarters on Sunday and I don't know maybe some back door back door action Adhami needs to put up some fourth quarter numbers. Yeah. Secure that cover and the back door is open and that's a problem but lay those points. And he did have a touchdown last week I was looking up his his first rushing or passing touchdown since I think twenty thirteen, maybe two thousand fourteen but it's been many years since Chad honey was responsible for a touchdown. Next game going to be one of the ones that a lot of people keep an eye on because it's the debut of tour will starting debut I should say to get that garage action the rams go into Miami minus three and a half total forty six, Gary..

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