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Is out doesn't change what I think they have a good chance. I still think that there are some things they need to figure out. I think some of the things that they need to figure out is potentially, you know having the backup point guard position. Kyrie Irving has been injury-prone. That's the exact. I think the world of God, but he's got to come in and healthy you look at KD you've seen them in practice. What happens in the real game would what do you do they do with the couch Levert situation? I've been careless with her is in the situation with the Nets where he plays himself into a good position. Just like Devin Booker did in the bubble. Absolutely. I think that you just need to put it all together. And so now I'm not going to go on record now, but as the season approaches next year, I'm more than happy to come on your show and definitely, you know finish this particular job. Say something that's because it's not a finished product yet. Now, I completely agree with you but not just me personally. I like the chances of having a healthy Kevin Durant healthy eat Kyrie Irving on the floors. And and to be honest with you. A lot of that to me is based off of if they're going to do the bubble system again or not. Cuz I think that the bubble system greatly greatly favorite players like Kyrie Irving a threat, you know, so and then the Eastern Conference to which has been historically weaker than the west and I don't really see the Eastern Conference Challenge in a wage that much by having two players that are that dominant on the same team and a weaker conference. It's pretty much Written in the Stars if you ask me, I mean, I don't got no problem going on record to say that I think the Brooklyn Nets will at least reached the NBA Finals upcoming season, but I would definitely say that I would like them to win it down. Over whoever comes out of the list. How are you thinking about the West next season this offseason if you comes back, I think the Lakers have a good chance, but I think at the same time you got a Clippers team. That's that's hungry. Next season. You got a warrior seen that comes back healthy. So I think there's I think there's a lot of movement that's going to be going along on the off season and I can get a better gauge of it. Once that season actually starts, but I think that the Lakers are in a good position assuming the 80 does come back off. So so with this playoffs that we got going on now and do you have any pics for the Eastern and Western Conference Finals? Who do you think is going to come up with anything Boston Kariba? and when and how many games I think they can go full six or seven for six and seven. See, I don't know about that Eastern Conference Finals series between Miami and Boston and like that. I just don't know if if the Disappeared selling on the Boston team is going to kick in and took over ride with the Miami. He do the degree in Grand style that they play. I'm not sure you know challenge is always good to have but like we saw with the Los Angeles Clippers, you know Town isn't always wrong. Yeah. I don't think Let me it's going to be one stop shop. I think it's going to be it's going to be grew and be personally but I look at the Miami Heat the thing that I like about the heat is just video. They feel like Weinberg testing some point. You you drink about three, You're like wait, I just had one like I look at the Miami Heat man, and I like the way that they've been orchestrated and I think that I think Thursday it's insatiable job. When I look at the Celtics. I just like watching the coils over the last couple of years. I mean, even when you look in Jaylen Brown going against LeBron in the Conference finals against Saddam is a team that has most of the Conference Finals in the last three or four years. And and I think that now I think that there's a level of confidence that I was looking. writing something about Jayson Tatum this evening and I'm just looking at the statistics from the playoffs versus the the the regular season and Tatum average 2.3.4 points off. Three assists seven rebounds 1.4 Steals and maybe kicked it up another notch and the playoffs. He's averaging I think about 25.7 points and hacks down production 2.4 rebounds per game and 4.3 assists is what stands out to make but I like Kemba Walker Jayson Tatum and Jenna Brown and I look at Kemba Walker situation A guy from the Bronx that is back on the northeast after spending many years with Charlotte both the Bobcats and the Hornets and what I like about Kemba Walker really and truly is the fact that these get the same opportunity to actually went ball games and and he's taking advantage of it now and I like the combination of grit that they have defensively with Marcus Morris. He never scared off. I think that once they get a healthy Gordon Hayward back into the fold. I think that the Celtics can do something and but I like both those things I like both of their shoulders because if you really look dead East everybody just looked at Philly in Milwaukee and you know, I talked to jail around about that at the beginning of season and his attitude even towards it was like we ever won anything yet. We have to prove it and they've done every round and so I look at the situation with the Celtics and I'm impressed that I'm also impressed with the heat. I think these are two great teams. And when I look at the western conference with them, I mean look at Denver I think that everybody slept on them because everybody was in there with the Clippers and the Lakers and I remember another one other shows the same adults think one man, the nuggets are a team that you really gotta respect and just because they're not in a sports center highlights every night does not move that they're not potent. You're just in a different in Denver and they're not getting the same type of attention that New York gets chilly get Chicago principals and districts and I think that the Lakers you actually the night that I feel like the Lakers should be scared of the nuggets and people were mad that I said that but dead Scared as hyperbole what I mean is, you know, the nuggets are on their way there respectfully and and and bike riding but the Lakers and and of itself, you know, that's one of the biggest Underdog first sees that I can remember when in history, you know, but I look at first seats and and anything I think of, you know, some maybe two three four years ago a Boston song has the autonomous that LeBron James and the Cavs, you know beat and went to the finals. I look at the Atlanta Hawks. I was close to that booty hoes, you know refused to be the Cleveland Cavaliers at the same thing. Like when I look at the Lakers, this is a first-placed team that has dealt with injuries to kuzma the beginning of the season and Richard Handel and Bach has and has found a way, you know to stay consistent, you know, if the first game of the season you had gaming re putting up 28 points in the game and then you know, you.

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