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I'm Bobby Finger. I'm Lindsey Weber and this is. Grace, Gummer and so grace. How did you come to be the narrator? My agent came to me about it And what did you think of I came to you? I was so excited. I mean I looked at over and I I loved the opportunity to read a book. So. Yesterday Lindsey brought this tweet to my attention from E. L. Elbow, CEO. And a tweet that says my mom is listening to the end of an audiobook that grace gummer narrated, and they ask her how she came to narrate the book, and she goes my age abroad it to me, and they asked how she felt about it, and she said I was excited for the opportunity to read a book. That's how I feel also. Then, some hooligans got involved, and then we saw so lengthy was like. Hey, can you find it what book that says and then download it and I was like okay, so shout out to audible. Houston audible credit on this now you listen to. What's extra funny about? This is the reason why I mean I. Guess They could ask the question for any book, but this specific book is my Dark Vanessa which is a controversial book that came out a few months ago and the reason why it's controversial is it's written from the perspective of a woman? You had an affair with an older man when she was very young, and it's it is. Caused obviously a little bit of a ruffle. So it's an intense. It's an intense book. It's an intense I. Mean I. didn't read the whole thing, but I read an excerpt because it was, it was excerpted exerpt excerpted. Exert excerpted. I. Guess I. You know what I don't know ever said. No, it's a weird to say exerpt. Now there was an exile in New York magazine I. Think and it's just like a very. Intense subject, and so for grace just to be like my agent brought to me and I was like what a great opportunity to read a book. Is Pretty funny in the very well. Then She was like. Oh, I've been looking for the chance to read a book. It's very hard during these times. She means a book out loud like Ritchie and audio or just read a book general because that's what. She means a little bit of both. I think one of them is like Oh her age almost like WanNa. Do this was like what a cool opportunity also. Assume. It's like you know. Probably a good money or not good money, but you get like based on the amount of effort you put into it, which is probably a you know two solid days of work inside the recording booth. You probably get fat. Check great, but she goes on to say that she read the book and she. Actually really liked it. She said usually. I read books really silly i. just read before bed, so I just like she was a little bit at a time should takes a long time. This book. She rushed through there such as like. Oh, I! Like finished I like I finished a book in two days I like actually. Read a book as a page Turner and that was new for her, because she doesn't typically give her that amount of time I. Say something kind of rude. Of Jerez Gutter than anyone I. Know that's a golden girls line. Yes, things in also nice the. Do you think that grace gummer is a great choice to read? A book is because she vaguely sounds like Merrill, and like Merrill's not reading the book, but like if you go to see like grace, can read a book and sounds vaguely like comforting, because you're like Merrill. Familiar voice is out. You don't gently rude, but is it true? Can we get a clip of her reading? The book and you just play. Bourbon let me just open up. Let's pick chapter I'm scared of what's GonNa. Come out of this two thousand. Turning onto the two lane highway that takes us to norm, Vega mom says I really want you to get out there this year. It's the start of my sophomore year of high, school door moving day. I think the reason you pick grace. Gummer is because she sounds like any Dakota. She counts like she sounds like. Styles, Dakota Johnson, they couldn't afford to Dakota Johnson. They were like. Dakota johnsons pregnant. She can't recording audio book right now, so they asked. Not to do it ragging then. We get a lot of mind will call and they're like. Can you explain is back? Can you explain crunch crunch? First of all I don't really feel like explaining either of those things. That's not our job. It's your job as a listener to go back without no one. No one ever asks. Can you explain why you always say Dakota Johnson is pregnant? I assume they just understand. Because, they're just like. Oh, she's pregnant. Make sense, and but she's been pregnant for like forty five years at this for a long time. Yeah Oh Gillian Flynn has the poll quote on the go on this cover, she calls it brilliant and stunning an absolute. You have to listen to this book I. Don't think you have to listen to go well now. I own it speaking of books to good books, the vanishing half, which I just finished incredible, my brick, and it and reading the Andre Leon Talley Memoir. The chiffon trenches for our patriots and I'm reading in mid way OH. What a gorgeous book! How well written is this book I? Haven't started it. Usually memoirs aren't so amazingly written in general. You know was like they're more about telling the story, but he's a good writer. Very rugged writer I've I've read a yeah I have a very wild collection of books that I'm currently reading we now, but One of the other vanishing half had a lot of other ones, and then one of them I'm reading the client for the first time. The John Grisham book credit of a Little Book, Club with Lauren and I are just reading the client together. I really don't know how it happened, but I think what happens in quarantine where it's like one just do this very random thing together virtually. Okay? Call it a hobby creating. Yes, you don't even need. You. Don't even need a why like why the client? Oh, well the reason why you gave it is the quarantine. Teeny of what if I get really into John Grisham during during quarantine would not shock me in the slightest. have some actual breaking news beyond Grace Gummer who South Dakota Johnson. One of them is be Simone. Apologize for plagiarism..

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