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President Trump is granted a full pardon to his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Sorry Rams fans Tomorrow's CSU and Air Force game. His Falcons fans, too, has been canceled because of a covert 19 outbreak. On the CSU football team. Those stories and more coming up Scott Walker here in about 10 minutes. This'll is big Al and Joe Joe ISAT the gallon Joe Joe, I'm bringing Crystal in for big gallon judge until 5 30 when we make way for see you Bus hoops pre game tonight. Learning the Little Apple Classic, playing against South Dakota, there in Manhattan, one of the worst cities in America. I'm just saying that because I went to the university, Kansas and I hate K State, but no Manhattan's fine Zach Strief. He knows a little bit about rivalries. He went to Northwestern. I guess your rival is Vanderbilt or Harvard or No. I'm getting you out of this big 10 Northwestern ball, and by the way, you took it to Wisconsin. But we can't get bogged down in that Zack Zack is the voice of the of the New Orleans Saints Walk. Strike straight of football field starts calling games. And what a fun team to be calling games for because your teammates your teammate Drew Brees and your coach Sean Payton. Just continue to have it rolling so Why is this team so good? Even when Drew Brees is out, hurt? One thing we talked about another near a tree. Just how deep they were, Um they just such a tremendous job of Bringing in veteran at the guys that that really fit rolls. And we've seen that in mysterious love discussion last week about tasting Hill in the quarterback position and who's going to get that star, but The face were also without Marshall Lattimore top cover corner and Patrick Robinson filled in for him played phenomenal. It was outstanding the entire game. He had the filling for Marchand earlier. Making out in that intersection. You know you're seeing last rolls and I think it's the temperament was done from the death. You know, perspective, that again Really gonna see Mike Honestly, miss this year then Emmanuel Sanders is on the cover it last for two weeks. And you know you're something like a football. The way you create Tennessee start Uh, um, You know, in places so that you know it's the next man up mentality, which is an easy thing to preach in a difficult thing to execute. And you know, it's been the same the quarterback position. You know, it's pretty amazing to think that you would lose Drew Brees and that you could replace him with a quarterback. And the guy who still behind the guy that you replaced them with 5100 yards here before, so it's pretty impressive what they've done from the death perspective, and I think there's just a great community in the football team that led to a lot of winds. Actually voice of the saints with us and had big fans you on this morning in my normal shift as a sports anchor and asked him early morning about Taysom Hill. And can you prepare for him the way you would Maybe another rookie could be, but he's 30. He's certainly not a rookie football player. And coach that it was less about that and more about the fact that the Saints offense is so balance and and they're still doing what Sean wants to do even without Drew Brees. Yeah, I think I think you know, tastings. Performance surprise. A lot of people. Um, one. I think there's people who genuinely just saw him as a gadget guy, right? Hey, you're just gonna come in and try to trick people or You know, Run. Run this single wing offense because you're running guy. You're not grower. Thanks. A mil was 18 or 23. 2 drops on consecutive plays on balls that were on target. Um, and he was 10 of 11 for 175 yards against against pressure against the blood. You know, those were not stats that you see out of rookie quarterbacks, right? That's not the type of steady performance that you see out of a young guy. Like you said Tasting those not a young guy has been in the system for years. He's an incredibly hard worker. That's what they loved about him to begin with. You know, he loves football. You could tell. I mean, there's a picture of him running in for scores for He's got the biggest smile on face you've ever seen. Um, you know, he really loves the game's all those attributes. Um have, I think contributed, you know to him really learning behind Drew, and I think there's a ton of value. To being in that role for a long time and getting to sit down and watch film Drew Brees every day and beyond that same schedule and you know, to prepare your body and to work on your throwing motion. All these things that have made drew such a fantastic pro quarterback. I think a lot of those traits have kind of, um, been passed, you know on to taste them and listen, I don't think it's time to crown him. He's not the quote unquote next, Drew Brees, which is what everybody kind of wants to make that declaration quickly. Um, but he played fantastic. There's no doubt about it. I think he surprised a lot of people. The other thing That's interesting is I wouldn't be surprised. I watched the same star Jameis Winston still at some point this season, even if Jason's healthy if it's a game, you know provides itself that they say we think Jamie's gives us a better chance to win. I think they'll literally take it one game at a time while Drew's out, and I think that possibility still exists, and so you know again, it goes back to that depth in the ability to even have that decision made every week is pretty unusual. Yeah, there's a chance of dirt cutter being the OC in Atlanta, having obviously pretty significant institutional knowledge of everything. Jamis Winston might have been part of the reason that tasting started final final football question. I got four years act. The defense is as good as any defense and football their ball in the eight sacks against the Falcons..

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