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Chargeable wall can't think of his name but sites and other got to rent a site. I don't remember running site. But he was running. He was running. He was news responsible for getting the money to put together. Trump's wall at in new those all that corruption. i can't remember his name and guys. Don't bother putting in the comment. Because we're recording this. On sunday by wednesday i would remember the guy's name. Don't worry about it but that guy talking about these people are racist pieces of shit. But they're still fairly intelligent so those are the people that we have to be worried about because those the ones that are going to organize it's not gonna be bubba bubba and jenkins over here. They're not gonna do shit. Yeah i'm glad you mentioned about missionaries because it was warm. Alicia group I think it was a militia. Whatever that was part of the election fraud whatever stopped still thinking this was way back in like december. I think when. I read this article and founder of that was somebody didn't win. Graduated from yale. Had this news and cecil company and so people are under the misconception. That these people that's running it as some of these people that are part of it. I ain't do good. They are not right. These people are highly intelligent and they just they just basically give kuwait to the people to follow him to get them to enact. Will you know for this bigger thing. You know goal or objective in mind. They know exactly what they're doing. And a lot of these people in arlington audience Got shut down. Yeah they were trying to figure out how to get the people that they lost like. They didn't even they weren't even as well. Someone that people earning you. Whoever was the owner. I should force all this comedy and they should have been trying to figure out how to get these people over to. The other place is going to happen fast right. America tends to overreact. Stuff like that but Yeah i. I'm glad you brought that up because you know you you see that conversation taking places like nah. It's not i think it is. They own they. They know exactly what they're doing. And the last thing i'll say is that i just wonder how seriously will organizations like the fbi. I think primarily. I will take some of this stuff now because you know a lot of them maybe by the administration even under obama kind of brushed up running like You know what it is but when.

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