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I got shot sauce homemade. Avail quarterback time. French sean salisbury. This is the sean salisbury. Show all right guys. Good monday morning to you. We are already in august as good to be with you. Tyler mc i'm here. I don't judge trades free agent signings after a game or two. I just don't and anybody that wants to talk about winning or their trade after appearance or two. I think we're barking up the wrong tree losses. Now they suck asks was taken care of this weekend. Unfortunately a couple times by the san francisco giants there's things to like and not like welcoming guys But i think we get caught up too quickly in the good and too quickly and the bad when somebody homers in their first game or struggles in their first game or strikes out to side in their first game. While it's all nice and fine and dandy. This isn't about a game or two. It's about a second half of the season. One of those on in the postseason so we are far and a long ways away from judging who wanna trade although it's nice to get off bryant homers for them or a great man strikes out to you know strikes out three and his appearance. Or what have you. I just i think we make too much of trades too quickly and and how impactful or the lack of impact they were in the opening weekend of a trade deadline. And i think that's the case here as well. Yeah i mean the. The pitching here was good this weekend from the new guys overall than what you may garcia giving up a home run It was nice to see them. Come out of the bullpen. And just the thing that sucked from the weekend was the fact that the starting pitching was just not very good that you put your bullpen into a tough spot and you you credit the other team for it in the ball over the fence like crazy..

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