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What it is. They're trying to make why they want me to think a certain way about them. So I did notice ellen dancing and then I went and did Ellen show and I always judge the boss by the concern of the lieutenants in the army Are People Irving are they agitated you know and I noticed when I did Ellen. My segment per user should've kept coming into the room a little bit agitated saying you're not gonNA talk about this. You're not GonNa you know. Obviously I have many comparisons. I've done every show and and I can tell the shows when you do Jimmy Kimmel live. No-one's agitated no one's upset. No one's scared when you do Jay Leno. Show everyone's relaxed. I mean back in the day the tonight show right but I I noticed a level of agitation Volta Jay Leno. If you don't bring chicken sandwiches their camp I noticed a level of agitation was Kinda high the fear level is high and then also I was at an event that Ellen had attended as well and they had a world with Porsche Orchestra. Yes a world class orchestra playing all night and everyone danced but not ellen so then I thought to myself Does she love dancing because if she does love dancing? It's like a GEICO commercial. You'd be happier than Allen at a wedding with big band. You know what I mean. She did love dancing. She should be dancing the night but she didn't dance once and everyone else dance so I thought well does she love dancing or does she love me to think she loves dancing and then I started going back into my my profiling interesting can i. Can I interject your percent because one of the things am? I really originated with my father and I've kind of empirically. Anecdotally confirms his theory. He always used to say that. The clerk and court reporter in a courtroom always reflect the the personality of the judge if the judge is a fourteen carat asshole the clerk and the court reporter tend to be the same and and back in the days when there was an assigned bailiff to that courtroom. And so I suppose you you do it by the agitation level. I do it. I guess the quirkiness or the personality of the court personnel. If they're a long time you know personnel. Do they end up reflecting the judicial demeanor as well? Well look how could it go any other way? I mean we all had friends when we were kids. We all had that friend that had the the the dad with the crew cut. Who was you know? The Great Santini Super Strict Guy. And when I be over David Bendix house in Mr Van Dyke would pull up in his oldsmobile. Everyone's scattered right. Steve Steve Fulton stab phones. Dad would say was A. He was the great sale team right. I came walk into my house about a year ago. One of one hundred talion friends went by me and roller skates. Going down the entry when you know holding a bag of cheetos and went right-back by me and roller skates and literally. You know. High five main just went by and I thought Oh okay I guess I'm not Mr Vinick eventually. I'm not striking any fear into the hearts of anybody around here judging by the Roller Derby. That's going on inside the house with a bag of cheetos right on. What kind of floor by the way is being roller skated on a high end high would hardwood floor? So that would drive me. I'd go go nuts when I don't have to worry. Paulette would behead literally pull it would be head one of Jacobsen's friends if they right so you realize that while when I would go to Mr Bendix House I would feel one way about being Mr Vendex's house and when Natalia's friend goes to Miss Corollas House. She doesn't share those feelings are you do you become like. Are you cooled at the your kids friends? Think of you as cooled. Add I do I screw around with them. I make jokes with them and I tend to try to embarrass them as best as best. I can so the prop probably but the point is the fear that I experienced with my segment producer. And I am not my kids. Evidently don't experience that with me or they would act accordingly as as I once famously said to Lynette. At some point she said to me God is like ten years ago she went. You scare me and I said God. I wish that was true..

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