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There's a martini Mr how are you Mister garner they had everything this is wonderful look who's coming and mother my mother George R. blue in the spectrum the my Big Brother George the richest man in town your George remember no matter thanks for the warning log yeah very dear friend during the day well one of the live so long as we can have such fine performances as we enjoyed tonight from Jimmy Stewart Donna reed and Vic Damone give me I'd like to thank whatever guardian angel wish you back from Texas for our show this evening well that guardian angel was on airlines wing here in Texas with opinion this picture when Jimmy Frank Capra I went down for five openings Monday night running on an American Jim yeah everyone on the five primers or take you know it's a pretty big state take ten minutes he Jimmy I'm sure your fans were proud to read that you received an honorary degree from Princeton just the other week yes how about that Jimmy we call you professor now own own own ordered as it just and I am a master or well I don't I might have been I don't know it might be for murdering architecture that's what I've done as an honorary degree to her credit to L. L. C. right now LL see you well you can save yourself a lovely looks complexion thank you bill or rather than black students so it's a wonderful complexion care I used it faithfully with the wonderful results I see what's happening next Monday night on March well next week we have another of the season's most successful films it's twentieth century fox's thrilling screen here leave it to heaven with lovely Jhene tennis and the star who appears in answer to literally hundreds of request now while this based on the bestselling novel of the same name leave it to heaven is the strange dramatic story of a woman whose twisted mind and fiendish jealous area drive her to any lengths to hold the man she loved that on and make great listing them I wouldn't miss it for anything good night good night and thank.

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