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Listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussion of murder suicide and violence that some people may find upsetting we advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. The year was eighteen eighty eight and a Frenchman by the name of Louie LA prints had been working tirelessly on a new invention. It was a camera that could do what had never been done before. Capture. Moving images on a brisk autumn day in October Leprince took his camera and filmed, the world's oldest recorded movie in existence. He hoped that his inventions would usher in a new era of art in cinematic engineering. So why is it that Louie? La prince is not a household name apart from devoted, film historians. There are few who know who he is on September sixteenth. Eighteen ninety prince boarded a train in Dijon France that was bound for Paris, the only possession. He carried with him was a small black suitcase. It's believed that inside the suitcase were important documents relating to his newly perfected. Mentions his film camera and to projector Albert Lewis brother waved by Louis as the train pulled away from the station as it made its way through the French countryside. Passenger saw nothing out of the ordinary. But when the train pulled into Paris Louis wasn't on board..

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