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To it and enforce it. Is that the the way to go about it? Yeah, you know I. I, really don't believe that businesses who respond to morals and ethics. I wish I could say they do but. But they respond a lot more quickly to liability to risk the ability, and and that's what it's become so with wayfair that turned into a was at its root, a moral issue, but where it became a business risk was when they couldn't justify with their employees. Employees were not okay with their employees said we will not build it. We will not sell it. Turned into an embarrassment for that company and they didn't realize. Is that you know? Employees are consumers as well and they realized that they did have power that company can't go on without its employees, and as a result, even if you as a business leader, don't make these decisions. Your employees are GonNa sort of make that decision for you. Just taking it back to the product manages. FEM Put people even. Is probably not just the manages the wanting to make sure that that business `having Marley well aside from influencing acceptable use policies and having good ones. Hopefully morally except for ones, is there anything else that we can do in our politics that prevents that entire right-wing extremists and other extremists from magnetising from oems? This is a really really tough question. You don't tech was built on this idea that we build our products to scale, so we work really hard to get people to click the. Register. Start a new trial. The common customer whatever like that's what we live and die by intact so right now the way that the system is built is designed by default to benefit these big groups and organizations. It's GonNa. Take I think a real rocketing with what we've created. It's going to choir us to step back and think about. Do we even know who were doing business with? Because we've come to a point where for example, pay pal doesn't actually know who's on its platform, unless someone like me or I know just some random person on the internet informs them for months now that for months you, the kick or a white supremacist group or a Nazi group has been using. Using your product so. It's GonNa take I think a complete retooling, maybe a philosophical. RIGHI matching of how we're going to do business in the future, and how we're going to make sure they don't get on in the first place, but it's also going to be like we have to sit down and make subjective decisions on who were going to.

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