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In his own right he said that was what he found to be the most surprising thing about sammy's testimonies that he wasn't mention and karen girvan o of that awful reality show uh what is that show mob lives she i remember when the show first launched and she was doing an n of you i think with men coun and mankad was attacking her for her father which i think is a little unfair nobody can help their father as but karen's explanation of why he was a good guy was exactly that that he protected certain members of his crew and left them out of his testimony now either you gonna tell the truth or you're not in my view sammy girvan out is the worst of both worlds he's a rat and he's a liar now if that weren't bad enough what did sammy grow hunault do with this lease the second lease on life that he got did he become a monk lead this monastic existence where he wouldn't even j walk no he continued to be nothing but a total thug the federal government moves him to arizona where he's part of the witness security program and eventually decides to leave the witness security programme because he finds it unduly restrictive while what would you find unduly restrictive well now we know why one of the things he did after leaving the this is after getting a pass for eighteen murders i want you to think about that think of like what you have gotten away with so what does he do writes a book detailing as crimes gets paid him a multi million dollar advance chooses initially not to share any of that money with it the his the family members of his victims again including his own brother in law who he murdered and then my friend ron kuby in attorney very distinguished attorney in his own right he he decides to represent the family members of the folks that sammy killed and they said well you know w excuse me we don't think it's right that he should be able to profit from our family members death so kuby testify excuse me kuby representing these families sues sammy the bulk.

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