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Front tire I saw I was fully aware that and I knew that they were impatient because I saw that they were coming around so I slow down enough to make sure they were down in Charlotte three out of four car and bike collisions happen at intersections and gentlemen took a left turn into me that's what happened the Bethany Johnson she rides her bike everywhere and was hit by a vehicle on freedom drive at an intersection and I was certain he must've seen me play like gunned it and and just there is no way for me to have the way could have been a lot worse she ended up with a broken foot and a gash on her leg a lot of impatient people out there that's a hand grinder a lawyer who specializes in bicycle racks she says while drivers are getting used to sharing the road slowly we're not bike friendly here you know there's just to forget becoming more Denton and we have to be more careful somebody a life on the line and every bike rider I talk to knows somebody who's been hit by a car yet they continue pedaling hoping attitudes will change they don't want to slow down but you know what it's not that hard for you to pass me in your motor vehicle think about it it will take you two seconds to pass me cyclists have as much right to be on the road as anybody else twenty of drivers however don't see it that way take the bikes to the park that's what I say you know to be on the main thoroughfares you know they either going to slowly trying to get around them I wish they would just go away who released so if you have bought a bicycle and plan to do a little pandemic paneling be careful out there six twenty eight here on Charlotte six off to the newsroom now here's my American Airlines Charlotte's primary passenger air carriers cutting thousands of jobs because of the corona virus outbreak which has dealt a severe blow to that industry company reportedly informed employees yesterday it's reducing management administrative staff by thirty percent or about five thousand of the roughly seventeen thousand positions in those areas of the company CLT is the airlines second largest top and about the eleven thousand workers are employed in Charlotte Winthrop university releasing new details about its future during the pandemic Juggalos B. reports looks like want to be diversity bombing into the same model as a number of other schools for the next semester classes to begin on August the twenty fourth Labor Day classes will be held October sixteenth the fall break canceled classes will be held on November twenty fourth face to face instruction will end and after that classes will be done on a remote basis no decision yet on what happens for the next semester Juggalos B. W. between north Carolina gun runner has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison after pleading guilty to multiple charges federal authorities say thirty seven year old belly shot junior around pipeline for firearms to dozens of out of state buyers and it became a focus of investigators after some of those guns were used in crimes in the Washington DC area newstalk eleven ten ninety nine three W. B. T. traffic your former striker all lanes are now open on I. seventy seven southbound exit six woodland road earlier incident has cleared also to the south have a collision type on a road near south trying on.

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