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44 years old and says he feels more comfortable going into this training camp with the Buccaneers. Then he did a year ago, which Spells a lot of Difficulty challenges for the rest of the NFC attempting to unseat The world champs. Happy birthday to one Tom Brady. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Thanks so much for tuning in glad to have you with us just saw a photo from our friend Steve Futterman of CBS News, who is in Tokyo. He joined us live on the show last week. He has posted photos from inside the gymnastics venue where Simone Biles is warming up. He actually caught a photo of her upside down above the balance beam. In her warm up, so she's already out there. She is competing so far so good. You know that she had pulled out of three event finals. The all around competition as well as the team competition even after she started and what she had talked about was a case of what Jim just called The Twist Ease, which is kind of a loss of Orientation in the air. Dangerous to be sure, if you lose track of where you are, as you're tumbling and twisting and flying through the air. So really, a disorientation type of a phenomenon. She had posted videos. Even in the last couple of days. Of her. Attempting to two Go through her routines. In trying to prepare for some of these event finals and she was falling, taking the types of falls that So are so atypical of her. Not that Jim. Just don't fall, but the way she was falling. Not because she was attempting a difficult skill and just missed. No, it was Her feeling like she was completely out of sorts, and everything felt so strange to her, so I know it surprised a lot of people that she announced she would compete on the balance beam. If you follow Steve Futterman on Twitter it's at as Futterman. He's inside the venue and he captured a photo. It's amazing timing on his photo of Simone Biles upside down. On top of the balance beam, So she's in the air. She's upside down. Looking down at the balance beam. She's about a foot above the beam warming up. As they prepare for the event finals, which happens next hour. And while we don't have the ability to watch them on TV live as NBC is not putting them on TV live. There are a variety of apps or we will pass along with a spoiler alert. We will pass along. The results as we get them, but that second half of the show We're live from the rocket mortgage studios when you need an expert to help navigate the home loan process rocket can Phone number 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. That's 855 to 12 for CBS kind of funny because in addition to Olympics tweets, I'm seeing tweets from all of the different Guys who covered the NBA in free agency. They they dare not go to bed because news may break while they're sleeping, and it's only midnight on the West Coast. And so, uh, there's a lot that could still happen in these first few hours of free agency had only just began 11 hours ago. On Twitter, a law radio to find me and also on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence, But I mentioned that we're throwing out a question that Specifically about one elder statesman Tom Brady. Other than goat. What's the first word that comes to mind when you hear the name Tom Brady? Actually have friends, acquaintances. I wouldn't call them friends, but people that I am that I know personally who have named their kid or their dog after Tom Brady. Oh, goodness. He certainly is worth all of the accolades. He's worth the trouble that the Buccaneers went to get him the money that they're paying him. First world champion. First time world champion since Oh, to write and the way that The Buccaneers have completely changed their culture by signing Tom Brady. Bruce Arians says it just took one man just took one man. Other than goat. What's a word that comes to mind the first word that comes to mind when you hear the name Tom Brady and Tuesday is his birthday, so happy birthday to the 44 year old. Now 44 year old. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. You'll get more details at the bottom of the hour, but the U. S men's basketball team has advanced to the quarter. Excuse me the semifinals they beat Spain in the quarterfinals. Of the Olympic tournament. Joining get this Slovenia with Luca Don Cheech already into the semi finals, and so the U. S was down. Against Spain for a good portion of the first half. But came back to win despite 38 points from Ricky Rubio. 29 from Kevin Durant in this one a dozen for Drew Holiday only 11 for Damian Lillard. But there's Lot of great stars on this team, of course, Jayson Tatum with 13 off the bench. Jack Levin was also in double figures. The team has played. Pretty well since that. Opener. And now we're in a good spot into the semis. Not the case. 14 with expectations that our justice sky high or word, just a sky high. The U. S women's soccer team Now this was happening as we were on the air 24 hours ago. The U. S women on the field against Canada. Do you know in 62 meetings against the Canadian women in soccer? The US has only lost four times. Canada with and this is not an insult..

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