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Morgan that's right one good samaritan is actually home from the hospital tonight after getting a tetanus shot today now he says he was home and then he heard someone screaming for help so he ran outside to his front yard thinking it was his dogs but that's when he saw the pit bull attacking the man and he didn't hesitate to help think of was to grab his jaw and try to pol john's eminem still has the punctures from the pit bulls teeth sinking into his fingers he tried to pry the dogs job man's arm before grabbing a metal pry bar i couldn't believe i did what i did deputy say the victim and a woman had been playfully arguing in a car when the dog lines at the man and bit him in the face they pulled over by john's yard the man ran out but the dog went after him i had him here into the car and the gentleman was back here on one point neighbors say they helped the dog back into the woman's car but he jumped out of an open window and wouldn't stop biting the man another neighbor even tried pulling the dog's leg of there was a lot of blood there's a lot of blood all over deputies say an officer finally fired shots at the dog killing it cnn animals get put down unless it's absolutely has to now the whole group of neighbors who tried to stop this dog say the whole situation was so frantic and uncontrollable they don't think there was any other way to stop that dog morgan molly back to you guys for the second time since each year will arrive in seattle his playing days is a mariner have come to an end at least for this season gomez gets half has more than what the future holds for the franchises biggest stars jess morgan mariners gm jerry dipoto made it clear today.

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