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That stylistically that kind of wrestling and that presentation of wrestling is a gold mine. I think it would really help bring up honor within popularity and just coming back up and being a part of the current market of wrestling game. After that came up and people were talking about an 8 as a part of Ring of Honor's identity, I'm thinking, okay, well, now I can just come back down and just kind of help from behind as much as possible. And then I was told that there's a possibility that I'll be main eventing with bad over the world title. And in my mind, like, okay, well, now I got pressure on, so I gotta get back in the gym, all this stuff. I really didn't know what was happening until a little bit closer to where they were saying that they were going to go with me going forward. You know, just preparing, talking to bandido on and off, keep it in touch and stuff. And then I don't know, maybe a day before two days before, I get a message from Mandy on WhatsApp saying I'm sorry amigo. And then I'm like, oh, what happened? And so I contacted him and he didn't hit me back. So they're not contact my buddy dragon Lee. And I'm like, hey, dude, what's going on with bandito? He just hit me up and said, I'm sorry amigo. Then he tells me all you can't COVID and all this stuff. Okay, wow, I'm sorry, hear that. By this time, it was the day before I was about to fly. It was like the 9th because I flew to Baltimore in tenth. I contacted a hundred hunter already knew. So now there was the race to figure out what was going to happen for the main of the final battle. At that point, I was kind of relieved because I was like, I've never been in that position before in a really big match that people were looking forward to. I've had like smaller ones, but nothing. So I was kind of really like, okay, well, great. I don't have to do that match. You know? I was like, and then I got a call from lethal. And we just shooting the shit on the phone and then finally goes, oh yeah, there's a possibility that might be us that final battle. And then my heart start pounding again. I'm like, oh well. And so I'm like, that's not going to happen because you work from AW. And then I think the next day before I left hunter texting meals, okay, is you and lethal. And I was like, oh, okay, wow. And then as it stood at that moment, it wasn't for the Ring of Honor title. So I was like, oh, great. So we're not the main event, so pressure's off. I wrestled lethal dozen times before. I'm great. And so I'm on the plane and then I get the message saying, we're gonna address the world time situation on our one of final battle. And I'm like, oh, that could only mean one thing. That means they're actually gonna go with the world title thing. So now I'm the main. I'm thinking the Briscoe is an OG casing. The show starts to unravel. I know I'm the main event now. I'm super nervous 'cause our match time was somewhere in the ballpark of like 30 minutes or something. I've done 30 40 minutes of wrestling before. So I'm not nervous about that. I'm just nervous about the show closing on me. And I was like, I have to do good before. It's just like, I can just beat me and have fun. It gets more nerve racking as time goes on because the referees and different people are coming to me. Let me know that times getting chopped off of the match. And I'm just like, okay, so at first we started with 30, then it went to 25. Then it went to 20 then it went to 17. When we go out there, toss and Claire goes, hey, you guys got 11. I'm like, wow. Yeah. 'cause so.

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