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We are right outside the the Lordstown plant and there's a must be an old billboard just a blank wouldn't sign plywood it looks faded and weathered and somebody had written in black spray paint on the would save the GM plant and then at some point later somebody came and wrote in white spray paint on top of it. Just the letters R I p. This is Lordstown Ohio for more than fifty years. It shared a name with a General Motors Assembly plant for the last decade. That plant was home of the Chevy Cruz. Nbc News National Reporter. Aaron Einhorn traveled from Detroit to this part of Ohio with producer. Claire Tied Lordstown Assembly. Plant was once one of the largest automobile plants within General Motors on March. Six Twenty Nineteen. The last shift of fourteen hundred workers packed up their things. And we're forced to move on today. Gm Lordstown Lordstown is closed over the years this region which is known as the Mahoning Valley has lost tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs. Starting the steel mills close in the seventies and eighties but the GM plant had been a constant in an area that have dealt with change over and over again and it's a region that that over the last fifty years really built up around General Motors. Everybody there knew somebody who worked in the plant. Multiple generations of families were were invested in that plan. And now it's gone I'm mainly in. This is into America. A podcast about politics about policy and the power. That both have in shaping the lives of the American people today. We're going into the Mahoning valley with my colleague Erin Einhorn one year after last. Chevy Cruz wrote off the line. We'll find out what the plant's closure means for the families who worked there for decades and why some people in the region are feeling hopeful about the future. I think the lion king a called the circle of life into the circle of industrial.

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