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It depends on the League context and ESPN Standard Leagues. You're right he doesn't. He doesn't get on the radar. I don't think he's far outside of that conversation. Which means anything. Larger than ten teams entered mixed. I I like him a lot. I want to drive guys with the kind of stuff that he has. An two paths to fantasy relevance one being as a starting pitcher as we're seeing in the semi bold call by them and I think a wise one but I also think he has a path to potentially being the closer frankly for the brewers. I mean if they wanted to free up Josh Hater to us at the key moments in the game and not tied to the ninth inning. I think Peralta stuff does play that the real issue with him at least on that and from a relief standpoint is the fly ball nature and the fact that he does occasionally get a little erratic with the walks. That's a UH shaky Combo as you and I both know walks and fly balls from the closers but I love the stuff. I think you can almost make the border on. Casey's a pick in the standard to all right so today. Let's talk about some more pictures that are doing stuff. And we're just not considering them. And let's talk about the leader Kyle Freeland of the rockies who two years was very good. I think he was like third in the Cy Young Award voting ahead a legit season he pitch well at Coors Field. He struck out enough hitters to make intrigued. Now obviously the rocky the chorus field factor is a problem but right now that's a zero point nine three array so should we be would you rather consider? Peralta or kyle freely Peralta and it's not by leaps and bounds because of the role question. I mean freelance is going to be locked into that rockies rotation that's an advantage volumes and advantage deeper the league gets but I'd rather take the stuff and I don't think freelance compares the value to free Lennon Eric. We I mean we. We talked about this before because you took him in labor as a reserve pick which was a brilliant time to take him that you can maximize the matchups individually in labor. You can't bench any player that you bought me auction but you can freely activate and bench players that you take in the reserve round so if you took them that you're now given the maximum ability to move them in and out as you like avoid. The cores games against the loaded lineups. That's the way to get the maximum value to freeland. It's I think it's a lot of homework and most people in the casual or shallow mixed. Leagues aren't willing to do it. Here's another rockies pitcher so there are ten starting pitchers right now. Averaging twelve strikeouts per nine who was number ten. It's well then mostly guys we've heard of before doing this. Burland Julieta MOM bueller Garrett Cole. And then to others the number one guy and caper nine right now is Danny Salazar. The former Indians right hander. Who just couldn't stay healthy. And he's averaging fourteen point six K per nine obviously if he was anywhere else than Colorado. It'd be a big difference but should we at least have him on our radar for the future. We have no idea about health but we know we can miss.

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