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And friends of a child hit by an SUV are pleading with the driver to turn themselves in and happened Saturday night on one hundred thirteenth street south in parkland. Ten-year-old Caitlyn Rogers is recovering in the hospital after her leg pelvis and shoulder were broken in the collision Kirsten versa is a family friend Kaitlyn is child of our community and to have something like that happen. I think that we should be up in arms, maybe even turn themselves in you know, so that we can just have Justice in the situation. The Pierce county sheriff's office believes it's a black Nissan Pathfinder or similar vehicle that now has front end damage. Several neighbors saw increased police patrols over the weekend. Komo's Gabe Cohen gut reaction to the new emphasis patrol scheduled to last for the next month in Fremont crime rose about fifty two percent last year. That's how they ended up on. SPD's list along with six other neighborhoods, including Ballard downtown so pioneer square, Georgetown and south park. Which is where this morning we spoke with some folks about those emphasis patrols and what they noticed over the weekend. It was a mixed review. Take a listen, did you see more officers? Did I did? I noticed a more in their patrol cars and just kind of watching more police roaming around and that's good. Their presence help. Did you notice a difference? We really didn't. It makes me feel safer. It's tough to feel comfortable even leave. You see police, but you felt unsafe due grows concerned about keeping it safe. Do you wanna see more officers on the streets of your neighborhood? Absolutely. Police.

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