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To 95 sound Pound from Eastern Avenue lanes have been reopened following the police investigation. You were now good to go. It's far south as nanny, Helen Burrows Avenue and beyond all traveling have been reopened. North bound ever was affected outside of rubbernecking, and that continues to Steve along merrily as well. Earlier issues on the freeway are also resolved should be pretty quiet now on the Maryland side, Ah 9 to 70 earlier crash activity North bound near 3 70 just beyond route 1 24 All clear Now, all traveling have been returned to you, but it doesn't mean we're completely out of the woods. We do have a lot of slowing, especially on Klopfer Road. Both directions. Needier Seneca Creek State Park, the ongoing light display at Seneca Creek State Park that continues major delays trying to get past this one. Also looking at delays. In Montgomery County between Kensington and Forest Glen this coming on Stony Brook drive near the LDS temple between Beach driving Kent Street. The light display there and expect delays getting through that area in Prince George's County, 50 to the Bay Bridge. Back there reported delays. But on Watkins Park Drive or Enterprise, Dr Enterprise Road, I should say between Central Avenue and land over road expecting delays as we had the lights on going at Watkins Regional Park in Virginia, Remarkably quiet. 3, 95 and 95 as far south as Fredericksburg, 66. No reported delays So far, though, expected work on 66. He's found inside the Beltway. This will be near Glebe Road and.

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