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Out, all right? Your five eyewitness news weather forecast. Brought to you by union depot tonight. Partly cloudy and thirteen tomorrow afternoon, snow showers less than one inch of accumulation though. With a high of twenty seven right now at mytalk studios, it's twenty four and cloudy. This is a mytalk dirt alert update a quick look at what's happening in entertainment on. On mytalk one guy. National board of review has announced its picks for the best films and performances of twenty eighteen best film of the year. According to the national board of review is green book that came out over the holiday weekend, starring Vigo Mortenson Mortenson and Mahershala Ali best director for Bradley Cooper stars board. Best actor morganson for green book and best. Actress lady Gaga for a star is born. So what do you guys think about that? Okay. Well. The peanut gallery on the national board of review's best movies. The right Julie Chen wound best we'll be back. It's hosted big brother celebrity edition when it returns for a second season on January twenty first as deadline. Previously reported sources close to Julie Chen move as fed said she planned to continue hosting big brother and celebrity counterpart for years to come. But obviously questions about that arose when her husband must-see, moon vest was ousted as CEO of CBS. And when do we step down and her role at the talk? What do you think of that? Holly. Surprised that they would keep her in that role. Yeah. Well, because he's going to be back. Yes. Whether we like it or not there. She Julie Chen. I know she must say Lori was saying a big contract. Yeah. Contract. So any exactly now people dot com is stirring, the Royal pot with this story headline Kate Middleton was said to be left in tears after a fitting for Princess, Charlotte's bridesmaid's, dress ahead of Meghan Markle's wedding back in may a source tells the daily Daily Telegraph that Cape had only just given birth to Prince Louis and was feeling quite emotional though. What upset her was unclear several inside people that she was stressed around the wedding. Well, shocking surprise somebody is stressed about a wedding. Listen, I we're gonna get into that. They are trying to make Meghan Markle. Be there. Yoko Ono family. We're not having it. And I've got some scoop on why this is going on. We'll fantastic we can't wait to hear it. All right. Well, that's all this hour. Seriously. It's it's my gosh. Well,.

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