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Film didn't do well i mean critics actually liked it but didn't do well it was the opposite of that because i even told him in my pitch i said if you want to do the bernie mac show with the baseball bat i totally get it right i because he's a brand by said that's not what i wanna make i don't i don't want to do major league i wanna do bull durham on something a little more nuanced in that manner and both are both legitimates not like putting down one or the other and that's what ended up happening for all intents and purposes and it's not what the viewers were expecting right 'cause i remember they said the students say we're going to market it as the bernie mac show just to get into the seats right this is right at the beginning of just before tweeting became a thing so it's like soon as people saw their like y'all oh shit was kinda wack like he wouldn't like balls out i mean and that's it's always a tricky thing when the marketing they try to do something that they think will get more people in but if you're tricking people like if they think one film is coming another film have i get pissed like mad mad people not to see like right up and they do that and i'm want to jump this just before yeah so young like uncle drew that the dax character really was fascinating to me because he is the end tissues to the stereotype to a black male character he is not masculine like in the typical you know what i'm saying he looked like he's gonna up somebody's ass he gets picked on by everybody you know short do you know he he and he comes across he's not this impersonal realm but he's like little tubby dude you know what i'm saying what and he's funny and all that but he's also hurt he's also vulnerable the guy who wants a family he's writing for a family so i love it for that that it's so weird because again this weird combination of nba players in old people drag like meaning that yet playing basketball team and then all these comedians so it's got various components that would send up red flags of osa black movie because you got you know jamie's move and mike epps in it and tiffany haddish but it doesn't it doesn't it doesn't do that again it is something that is universal that was the agenda from the beginning about it even though is nigga basketball you could say that you i'm saying got got tiffany haddish like got all these things that you would you could easily say oh it's a black barbecue movie but it's not and saying they will little route he's a g he's a great stand up like stand up is no joke character playing but he's like this little guy who gets picked on by everybody the oh photo right so that's that's kind of a win win and so i mean i imagine it was fun onset because you basically you know i mean well like we we know rela little bit and so funny and then obviously tiffany and they both have like this chemistry and other and they have the ability to write because they worked together on the carmichael show and they have the ability to kind of riffa lot you'll nick crowe who who came comes from the same like ucd background that we do and you know he has the ability to riff and and do all that and i imagine the some of the basketball players had like the freedom to do that on set so how how was how was that because we it's i don't know i don't know if this is really true but i feel this way like you have that kind of like the judd appetite sense of movies where people are doing the improv and having fun and you have all these different takes and stuff but in terms when it comes to comedies led by black comedians like if feels like even though you have like the chris tucker were shooting out a bunch of lines the those scenes in which both actors get to have that kind of movement and freedom i've i personally feel like i don't see that as much so it was it was a fun for me now is like one of the fun things about uncle drew that i'm like oh man like they're just having they're having fun on set with some of these set pieces like you have these the script kind of sets that up.

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