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But yeah, I think at this point, it seems like they're community life for one more year and only one more year and. And then they'll move on from that. But again that makes me that long rebuilt. Oh, dan. Can I break some exciting news to you here on the show, we sort of discussed this might happen and very conveniently Landon Collins assign with another football team. Yeah. Washington. According jar Josina Anderson that kids speak for him. He was that was his team. He he's like a an obsessive Sean tale of fan and so- Washington was his team. And it's a teeny always wanted to play for and he had all the jerseys, Sean Taylor jerseys. And he, you know, he tells the story about how he cried, you know, the day that that Sean Taylor tragically died, and and I think he, you know, that's that's kind of neat to see him sign with a team like that that he's been offense fan of his whole life kind of a kind of a cool story. Yeah. And they love Bama players there. Of course in Washington so many players on that defense come from Alabama. So not a surprise. They would go after Landon Collins needed safety, of course, with DJ swearing leaving. I guess for being right on. On social media and upsetting Washington. They traded for Clinton Dix last year that move ended up kind of going south the ended up leaving. He's leaving frequency Dicky's gonna resign there. So major needed safety. And now we'll get to see Landon Collins play the giants twice a year. So the giant will get to see if they were right about him strictly being a box safety. It doesn't deserve big money in the NFL. Reports that are coming in indicates that the money is in fact, quite big you don't have that yet. I'm going to hold off in terms of say numbers. But it looks like he may have broken the proverbial Bank. Yes, he's going to make more than eleven million dollars next year. To be the case. All right. Let's get back to this free agency stuff in a second. I don's talk about our friends at seek a company a website and an app I use every single time. I go somewhere last week. I went to go. Visit my parents in Florida. You know, where I wanted to do. I wanted to go see a spring training game. We're near Fort Myers. One though, check out the Red Sox. Hey went on seatgeek bought a couple of tickets had a great time. I bought three tickets to be clear it on like I only bought a couple of tickets, and like I was leaving one of my parents out both by parents went to the game. I want as well he had a great time enjoyed Fenway south there in Fort Myers. Great experience. And no matter where you go. No matter what kind of tickets, you.

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