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Couple of weeks ago, Bernie and I made way back to Fox News and guest once again, Brian Kilmeade show, he loves his son. You don't want to because. Great. That's fine. Because we can talk them everything from Donald Trump to middle Nancy Pelosi to the Kentucky Derby, which we've done with them Brian kill me. But when we walked into the Fox News lobby Bernie bumped right away into an old friend of very, very good friend of both Bernie and I- whose daughter was all over the news last week. And that is the former governor of Arkansas, one of the gentlemen, that did run against President Trump for the presidency and a guide that both of us Bernie haven't alike. Very very much. Yes, we do. Love matter of fact, we do love him. So here he is everybody the former governor of Arkansas his daughter, of course, a monster superstar, somebody that Bernie and I both love is well, and it's Mike Huckabee. Governor huckabee. Good morning Powell. How are you? I'm doing great. You know, when I was bumping into you guys, I had to beg you to be on the radio show before we don't ever want to do it again. One more shot this. Sheila here. It is. Let's see how you do actually further from the truth. Great guys, even when you hide your book out a couple of years ago with the great G a little ration- with guns and grits, and you're a marvelous best and I gotta think that yesterday. Mike, Father's Day was a very special day for you, especially with all the nice thing said deservedly, so about your daughter just two or three days ago. Well, it was a wonderful day heard from all of my children, who are scattered around the country, these days, and that was great. You know, I'm certainly proud of share. I'm proud of all three of my children. It's not just one of them. But one of the things that, you know, that's amazing to me is that even when sheriff designs, there's so many people love her and it's basically just if people like Trump, they like her. But if they hate Trump, they hate her, even know her, and they hate her, because she's associated with him, and some of the nasty things that have been said about her even after she is announced that she's leaving. It just shows you how deranged some of these people are and how utterly devoid of any class or dignity. Some folks have tragic it is, but none of them, for example. I've got relatives very young total. But I've got relatives who despise Donald Trump? They're liberal with a capital L, and they still like your daughter. In fact, they said to me, I actually feel badly Presario because she has to defend his lies. I've heard things like that. Well, she's, she's really had a tough job, because the press has no longer even acted like a press corps. They act like an advocacy group. And that's what they have become, and it's sad because we need a free and responsible press to hold really people in power accountable, and to present truth to them. That, that's one of the most important roles of a free press. But we don't have that these days for the most part, we've got a bunch of angry bitter activists and advocates who have a very poignant point of view, and they take it to the job with them. And they completely ignore anything that they don't agree with other than to beat it up. And with the things that, that are on their side, the left. They look the other way I it's unfortunate because again, first amendment requires that they have freedom. And they do you know they're, they're talking about Donald Trump being bad for the first minute. Trump has threatened. The first amendment of all, it was the Obama administration that actually tapped, the telephone lines of reporters, and the Associated Press. And you know, they got they got away with that to me, it really is. It's it's sickening. It's revolting wasn't anyway. Listen. A Jay Carney was a spokesperson for Obama. Joe Lockhart than spokesperson for Bill Clinton, both of them went onto real illustrious careers. Never had any of this animosity, they were two of the biggest liars to ever come down the pike. And then you have guys like and you'd called them to test David Axelrod for calling out your door to for representing what he called a bitch, you'll liar. I mean, the hypocrisy is sickening to me as well. Well, it is, and I've known Axelrod for a long time. He and I've been cordial and, and I was really surprised. But as I said, he's a contributor for CNN, and people on CNN get paid to hate Trump. So if you wanna look at Axelrod or Carney, I'm sorry, not corny, but Joe Lockhart. He also. Is a paid Trump hater on CNN, if you if you really want to get a good paycheck for CNN just go out and say, the most vicious things Trump and anybody associated with, and they will write you a nice check. And by the way, while they're doing that. They're ratings will plunge. They lost fifty five percent of their audience in the last year in the key young demographic. So it tells you that, that a lot of American people are just sick of this one sided media is kind of funny talking poma Bevan evolve. And so Mike Huckabee because not that long ago. We're doing my show in Miami or with me here in Bernie in New York, Mike or Bernie, with I miss, you know what to talk to Mike Huckabee about Mike Huckabee and wondering against Donald Trump. And, and I think the next couple of weeks the biggest question is going to be. So why do you think? Well, what did your daughter tell you? Why is she really resigning? Right. I mean it's been flipped. Now it's more about Sarah than Mike. Yeah. I get introduced now when I go to make a speech and it used to be all this spied graphical information about what I'd done now. Ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome. Sarah's dan. That's right. That is great serious note has she intimated to you along the way why she really is stepping down? Sure there's three reasons scarlet hawk, and George her kids simple as that, you know, she loves the president, don't ever, let somebody tell you that she was upset that she was, you know, no longer loyal to the president. That's just not true. She has nothing but great love and respect. And I want to say to the world he treated her with the greatest level of respect and kindness in class. So all this talk about how Donald Trump is terrible. And he's devoid of understanding. What's going on in this world, probably there was no one in his universe? That walked into his Oval Office, more than my daughter did day after day. And she will tell you that when people say that they're absolutely just bald faced lying about it. She she's not leaving because she didn't love the job. She. She loved the job. But, you know, she's got three children, aged seven five and four. That's a tough deal her job as a twenty four seven lots of overseas travel with the president. And I think she just decided it was time to, you know, not miss out on some of these critical times of her kids lives. And I applaud her for that for anybody not blinded by hatred. She's the one person at the very least that comes out of the first term of this president's administration as a rock store, a beloved rockstar in my opinion. Governor Mike Huckabee, now let me ask you about this interview that the president did with George Stephanopoulos, governor Huckabee. I mean first of all, the, the, the leak line, the one that they used to tease about taking money you taking a call from Norway, excuse me, you got the predictable outrage and all that stuff. But how about just the idea of giving this in my opinion, this beady eyed? Sneak Stephanopolous thirty hours of access. I mean on the plane Oval Office, everything. Yeah. I'm not even sure why that happened. I, I would never have trusted, even though I personally, like George step on all of us. But the fact is you gotta remember, he's not a journalist and for him to pretend that he is an ABC to pretend he is joke. He was an advocate. He was Bill Clinton's communications director. He was inside the ninety two campaign that this is not a guy who is objective. So would I've given him that access, I would not have I, I don't know why he got it. But if out of thirty hours that's the only thing they got negative. I'd say president came out, pretty well true. What do you think there's something to the idea? At least governor Huckabee that if President Trump doesn't do stuff like this, and he comes off kind of cowardice. I mean, yes, an Obama never talked to Fox News. What Trump wants to be the guy that I'm not afraid of anybody anything anytime. So even though he did get caught in a Gotcha moment. The give President Trump's some credit in that I will welcome all fighters. Well, that would be nice. But the press is never going to give him credit, the more access she gives all he's doing is helping load the gun. That's pointed. That his head. It's something I learned years ago as governor in a state of Arkansas, where the press was very hostile toward Republicans, and look the other way, everything Clinton did. But, you know, couldn't stand the fact that Republicans were starting to win elections. And so, you know, when I would say, look, I had a lot of access to pression try to visit with them, but there were some people I just didn't talk to, and I got criticized why don't you talk to this particular columnist writer, I said, because I don't help load a gun, that's pointed at my own hand. It doesn't make sense. So I'm not gonna do it. I don't have to. There's no law that requires me to do it. But there's president has been more accessible than any president in our lifetime. And he personally goes face to face with them. Interestingly, Sarah, got criticized for not doing so many press briefings, the reason she didn't is because Trump was doing. He was doing so they should be grateful. They had firsthand access to the president himself. Instead, they complained about the briefings when they were doing the briefings. They said when are we going to get to talk to the president? Are we going to have a press briefing with the president? So they're never going to be satisfied. And frankly, they would have had more press briefings, except for the two or three showboats who tried to make it all about themselves every time the lights got turned on and they could not help themselves. But these Mike grabbing camera hogging self-centered people who really blew it for the rest of the legitimate journalists in that room should be ashamed of themselves, and the other journalists should have them out and said, why don't you guys leave the room because you're killing it for all of us. Yes. Grandstanding creeps. I'll say governor Huckabee now. Listen last question, the lunatic left here. The democratic candidates, a field of twenty four they're all half the most of them are nuts. Nine out of let's say twenty three out of twenty four nuts Biden, maybe the most sane. But he's kind of feeble. He's all whatever what are your thoughts on Trump's reelection prospects? Well, it's this is the field. They have and they continue to move further and further the left. I think the prisoner. Gets reelected. Polls mean anything because there are a lot of people just like we saw in two thousand sixteen when the pollster calls, who you gonna vote for they're never gonna say Trump because they don't wanna get yelled at by their friends, and their neighbors their relatives so they don't say it, but the truth is I go vote for him. Yeah. And as far as Biden, you know, I saw him standing outside on a corner near my home yesterday with a sign says free hugs, so. And he's campaigning thirty seconds to touch funny. So my son says to me, Dan. I want to be in radio vote. Don't do it. And my daughter goes to my wife Mike. She goes, mom. I want to be a lawyer says no, don't do it. We don't want kids following off footsteps yet. If you want to come to you, and says, died, I want to be the next governor of Arkansas. What do you say? Well, she hasn't said that yet I think Trump's sort of pushed her out of an estimated that, but if she does do it, I'd be thrilled to death. And I'll do everything I can to help her. If she doesn't I'll be just as happy. I want my kids to do what gives them a sense of fulfillment. The one thing on the say, she'll be the first governor in Arkansas, that would go back to the governor's mansion, a place where she grew up, while it would be kind of an interesting thing to think about that..

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