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That'd be something or map. Lake Lake just like concocts like an allied assigning organization somewhere. Somebody's son they drafted somebody nephew or some shit like last more than nephew all did L.. Let her son is. I don't believe I think he's a top top prospect. It would just be awesome if like the next generation of Yankees was like a couple of familiar last names or I in the organization so yeah hundred percent Next One's from Evan Done Tov. He said over under point five if player acquisitions that will be on the final twenty six between now and opening day twenty six. I always forget BIC Jacqueline later. Nineteen by the way it was right. He's not they have to worry about a three person bench. Although say how many new people will be acquired that right over under a half. A player acquired wired between now and opening over. We're gotTA reliever. Yeah they're gonNA get a really. I think the real often be one and a half do they. Add like another middle infielder right. That was I was GONNA. I say I'm going to say it's what I think they get a reliever then everything else before from within. Do you think it's hater or nothing. I think it's a name we're not thinking of. I think you hate or go somewhere. It's the Yankees. I don't seem going anywhere else. Does Not giving up. And I don't know why. Why the brewers one I mean I know they do because obviously the the offense but they have he has put a film? It's like he needs to be at the age of feel like anywhere. It goes I'm going to take the I'm going to start the new around under one and a half and I'll go the over. I think they get a middle infielder. Summer I'm going to take the under Tolan half I'll take the over if it's a half last one this one's from T- silver one-two-three said with bullpen arms. Being so much like kickers in the NFL one good year one bad year do you expect anyone in our bullpen to regress this year. If so who do you think I'm worried. It might be out of. He had a really bad ending to last year. That would be the leading candidate. I feel like though like is going to work with him to figure out all this shit he was great return. The regular season was just a playoffs. and He's kind of had playoff issues before when Colorado so maybe it's just a thing with him but like green regressed to start this year but seems like he could it be keenly shooting up though soak up I mean he he had in the past. I mean the answer do Chapman you but I don't see him regressing till like where he's bad we'll we say that's it had to be that type of that sort of but I was just like a power pitcher like him. Every year he gets older earlier. Yeah no that's fair. Possibility of regressing gets higher and higher. Because the guy rely so much on his fastball like it his fastball is average festival drops to fucking ninety seven miles on our. That's not the same pitcher he's GonNa regress that way and he's not gonna be able to get people out as much I feel like he's the highest candidate and I'm easily most concerned with him because I would have. I could've walked well I could have been convinced to walk away with him. This off season Weight from him. But so I'M GONNA go. Chapman I hope not. I think Hanley's good to go make. Britain will be fine. It's going to be Britain's Britain's get better I feel like every year now Out of you know it'll be fine. Green will be fine and my recipe goes to the big five and no Delon Alan. Right Right Yeah so my could be cabin if I have the pick one hopefully not. Hopefully that's like two years from now I'll say I I guess my final answer would be between green or keenly. I'll say Tommy Canley. Okay all right. I Love Them. But it's just like we have seen that regression with him before are refuse to Saco Tummy Kelly's ever regress By the way I said this during the Eagles game I would pay to see a live feed of him watching that game the eagles game because he's such and also probably would have been ready to fucking killed. Cloudy though. Yeah Aaron booms at Xfinity also which is like the big Bar Out In philly decks head to Toe Eagles Gear Joe. It was a weird thing to see him. And you ask you about. He is a huge eagles fan. But yeah that's it for the show hopefully next time you hear from us The Astros are in jail and and red SOx jail worker. The Go 'cause we can't hit slaughter so I can't really Really gets there. This report should see your next week. John Sterling you've been listening to short porch byproduct of Barstool sports five. I know my in many ways. Yeah Clarke has so many friends..

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