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Because he's playing the biggest, strongest, fastest and form striker on the planet. And he's up for a fight. Let's go. But he had him in his pocket in the community shield. So that would be fine. Okay. That's what that's what people would say. Yeah. Well, you see on feels like a long time. And then say the community shield, but I'm telling you now. Everybody who watches this game knows Ellen Holland is absolutely flying. And he is up for a scrap. And Virgil Van Dyke is the talisman. He's not the big, he's not a problem in that defense, but he's the leader of the talisman. And it's not always been pretty for him. And I think hedge performance, this coming weekend is going to be scrutinized heavily. It's going to be awesome. It's going to be a really good game. When did Liverpool finish a season? I think the finish is a big sign. I think they finished top four, but at this moment in time, you know, you sort of wondered, well, who's that instead of? Because we're going to see a resurgence in Chelsea. She never forget Monday night at a still in the mix. Now I'm not going to do it for them. Never forget that, Dan. I know, I know. But I think they'll finish up for, but I think at the moment being 14 points behind arsenal, there's some people believe when the league anyway. I can't see Liverpool essentially getting past them and getting past potential man city charge as well. But I do think they will finish that for. Where have you gone? Right now. Right now, I would say that I'm just not convinced. I'm just not convinced like it was that this team could put up unbelievable run together. The two sides that have shown us they can one is still doing it and one has fallen off a cliff for the time being. So that's more than China. I've got them outside the top four. Wow.

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