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You just never know. What's going to happen? Right. Just try and so put the things out into the the pot world of possibility. You don't ask it will never happen. Right. So. Absolutely. Well, that's how I got Seth Godin and Tom Peters on the show. This year is awesome by. Crate. Thanks. Yeah. It was fun. And you know, and I knew their books were coming out and for me. Yes. I wanted them on my show for me. But I also wanted to help them with their books because it's an honor to be part of a successful book. It really is. And it's really fun. And it's great to get an early copy of a book and read it before most other people do and they have some questions about it. So it expanded my thinking and expand my world. And it's funny because I have people that are like, wow, you got to talk to Seth and Tom and frankly. Yeah, I mean, I'm wow to don't be fooled. But I I knew that over time. It was going to happen. This is not that, you know, if you ask enough people eventually you get what you want. And I asked Marshall Goldsmith this year Marshall said no. But he connect me with Sally HOGAN who was a coffee book. So which is great Sally was a phenomenal. Guess I love talking to her. You know? So absolutely that totally totally works that totally works. And it's it's not as hard as it sounds because the the worst that happens. I'll tell you. It's not even know it's just being smart, right? Which who cares like get over yourself because I've been plenty of times. That's no, yeah. Get used to it. I guess so which is cool. So one of the things though in the book, so that you talk about that. I really love is the whole idea of daily practice, which I think is it is the most powerful piece of the book, I've said that before when the book first came out, I know that I wrote that at least one hundred times the people that asked about the book, but talk about the daily practice, and how that is set up and then how that works out being. So beneficial shore daily practice. Deceptively simple, and it is very very simple. But what it does for you is actually pretty profound magical. But it's basically this you share what you're up to your goal your intention with two people. You take two actions, and they could be tiny actions. They could be really chapter in a book write a chapter or write a paragraph could be send two emails to get podcasts, etc. They could be smaller larger action so to actions make to requests. Right. And so here's the idea that when you share what you're up to with folks. People wanna be part of what's going on and talk about reverberation, the the number one way that you can make the reverberation starter occur is to communicate and connect with people about what you got going on. Right. And so now, I you know, you could do this person you can do this over the phone. You can do this virtually do an Email. But you wanna say, hey, this is what I'm interested in. This is a project going on. This is what I'm up to. And I you know, I love. To get your thoughts on XYZ right in or want to share with you. Because I know, you know, lots of people the area who should I be talking to. And so you wanna share what you're up to? And then you wanna take a little bit of action. And then you wanna make a couple of requests. And here's why it's both simple, but also magical is that every day, even if you do this just a little bit. And by the way, this doesn't take long at all the daily practices. Just a few minutes every day. But you keep reminding yourself about what you're up to..

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