Paul Cameron, President Trump, David Berson discussed on MRN Classic Races - 1976 Purolator 500


Hundred sixty two laps now showing on the scoreboard the shape or scoreboard right in front of us are broadcast position here means or thirty eight laps remaining as we're getting down to the conclusion of today's pure later 500 chris economy aki is standing by with paul cameron the president of the later in the garage thank you that's a camera as a familiar nascar race tracks is the individual and that he has a deep interest of the sport sponsors the car that has driven by david berson met his company's name is out this race but we've never seen mr cameron camper 21 garage offering it helpful hints or anything broad you have a bright set of rules that you operate by what is crs part of autoracing what is it that makes your like it's all about a guy like excellence and competence solved now david verse than the would rather have it all they do it very well and i really don't have anything to add to that they do it very well qualified from this up american business seems to be looking a little more towards the sport of automobile racing properties involved in the automotive feel as well as those outside the automotive feel automobile racing have an impact on the consuming public that business can take advantage of the appeal it's been my in for a long time that's one of the things that we can do in our company uh to make our name of renamed earlier of memorial were also word hopefully and that together with a quality products and all the rest with his has been is all about all of us get back to the race itself it's been a fantastic competition we've had some wonderful things happen kale yarbrough screw changing engine former six minutes an that's a record i think i'll stand for a long time seat robbie allison food laboring under a lot of pain in the garage of fixes part compact out it's really a great day for sportsmanship and competition and now what would thirty six laps lab number 21 out broad.

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