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The jerks in profiles, the Trent Christians, let's say clone worth the other night, the people that have struggled, we wiped the slate clean. And that sounds a lot simpler than it really is when you're talking about the mentality, psychology of a player, because if game one doesn't go well, then the slate hasn't changed. It may save zeros up there, but I'm still not good. I'm not hitting the ball. I'm not driving the ball. I'm not getting on base. I'm not bringing runs in. And to have things go so well with the four homers against Max Scherzer, then you start to believe the statement. Like, you know what? He's right. And Melvin has been right about a few things for that team. And those are the types of things managers need from their players. They hear a message and then all of a sudden they believe the message when it starts to come to fruition. That happened in game one. I think we're all being sort of tapped on the shoulder reminded Manny Machado is as good a baseball player as there is in baseball. I mean, he is just that guy. And he's matured. He's a leader. He's loving life. So we're just we're reminded of that guy over there. He is as good if not better than Paul Goldschmidt. He can be as dominant as your Alvarez. He can carry a team like Aaron judge like he is that player and this postseason is reminding us. So now you have the underdogs and San Diego and Philadelphia going back home and feeling really good about themselves. And yes, there is something there. Let's see what Joe musgrove can do. Can you repeat that again? But it is fascinating, you know, the dragon showed up in the Yankees series against the guardians that the dragon, as you know, thanks to Peter seidler, is the Dodgers. And here's an opportunity for the pod grays to do a little damage against the dragon being the Dodgers. Yeah, we talk about players and postseason pressure and stress. Manny Machado looks so relaxed to me. I mentioned to you guys after game one of that series against the mets when he hit that home run off Max Scherzer that it looked to me like he was happy Gilmore running into his tee shot. Like he just looked like I'm gonna just crush this ball and it's not something I'm accustomed to seeing like that that kind of body language in a major league player, but that's kind of where Manny Machado is right now. Before we go, I wanted to get your take because there's been so much conversation, especially early in the week about buck showalter's decision to have just Joe musgrove check for foreign substances. He's got a lot of criticism from a lot of corners about that. What did you think? Yeah, look, I think he had no choice. My guess is, without having spoken to him, the question was, when do I do this? You know, we saw the balls, baseballs that he had starting an inning number one. We heard throughout the entire series from both sides about what other the other side might be doing. And you know what? Maybe we're trying to benefit from the same advantage. If I say something, they're going to say something. But it was, it was the John Farrell situation all over again. Social media serves very little purpose. But one of them is certainly to stir the pot and that night, you know, from jump street, they were all over, it sounds weird. Joe musgrove is, it was sort of the elephant in the room and the room was the country. You know, it was being discussed not only in the in the rooms between the mets and the Padres. It was out there. So part of me thinks if I'm in that thumb and his shoes, I'm aware of it. I'm also aware it's still a close game. And if we get to him, I don't have to do anything. If he starts to pitch poorly, it's going to take care of itself. We saw Blake Snell really struggle. Why did Blake Snell really struggle in the game that he had? So I think you kind of hold on to that card until in your opinion, you need to play it. And obviously, in his opinion, that was the time that it needed to be played. I don't have a problem with it. He has every right to do it. I didn't react the way that most people did. However, I will say, internally, and I think maybe you overheard this during a commercial break, but internally, once there was nothing that was on Joe musgrove, you know, I think there was a momentum shift to, you know what? We're kind of rooting for the team or the guy that was just accused of doing something wrong when he, according to the umpires, wasn't. And that, I think, was the pervasive feeling. Like, hey, if it proved to be correct and he had some stuff, then that's one thing, but the empire did obviously a fairly extensive search and found nothing. And now you're kind of see the entire school of public sentiment move over to his side. Yeah, we'll show you. You just accused us of something that we weren't doing. Now we're kind of all behind those guys. So I think that's what happened and it just kept mushrooming from there. All right, have a fun time today. It's going to be a great game in Philadelphia. Braves and Phillies on ESPN radio. Thanks, mustard. Jumping into the numbers. This is himbo knows on baseball tonight. In

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