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Size twenty five inches along the east coast of Florida from north of Palm Beach up through the coastal Georgia coastal south in North Carolina we could see a six to ten inches of rainfall with isolated amounts as high as twelve overseas protest each weekend in Hong Kong meanwhile one Hong Kong businessman says protesters must continue to fight for democracy despite tear gas being fired by police what we have to machine storming a subway car needing passengers with batons and pepper spray Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she's alive on her way to being very well following radiation treatment for cancer at the library of Congress national book festival in Washington Saturday justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she loved serving on the Supreme Court calling it the best and hardest job she's ever had in an hour long interview with N. P. R.'s Nina Totenberg before an audience of four thousand Ginsburg said the job has kept her going to for cancer about instead of focusing on her aches and pains she says she knows she has to concentrate on the courts work and somehow some mount whatever's going on in her body the Supreme Court begins hearing arguments again on October seventh and Ginsburg promises she will be prepared Ben Thomas Washington more news and analysis at town hall dot com something you need to know about Pete and self help with the father son owners they're on a mission to help as many people as possible to get out of.

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