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As I alluded to in the first hour of today's exciting busy program. I'm going to try to explain what I think's going on with the fed what's really causing the economy, the stock market a tank, and I do not believe in his Trump. And I do not believe it's the shutdown. I'll explain it in a minute. But our caller wanted. I thought of the Steelers game look, I don't want to be misunderstood and appear to be glossing over the officiating. It was horrible. That I pass interference call against Joe Haden on a I think it was a fourth down play third-down play long, and it would have forced the the saints to either. Punt kick a field goal. Don't remember which turned into a touchdown and Hayden didn't even touch. The the official was standing behind. It must've looked like he'd pushed off. But it was it was just a horrible call. I don't want. Anybody to think that I'm giving short shrift on the on the last touchdown at the saints scored which was not ruled a touchdown. The receiver was coming back to the ball through the end zone. But he caught the ball right on the goal line. So it crossed the plane replay showed it to be a touchdown. What they didn't show. You is that offense receiver pushed off on Hayden. There was offensive pass interference on that play legitimate. And it was huge. But no camera angle caught it that's how big the push off was the aints receiver pushed this guy. So far off. One out of camera view. But that's not why they lost the game. Because those things happen to every team in every game. Whether they balance out or not over the course of a season or a few games. They do. However, you care to to judge it. But I'll tell you. There was one call in this, by the way, I have to tell you. I think Tony Romo is without question. The best new game analyst that has appeared on network TV since Chris Collins worth you've got you've got Troy Aikman there awhile with Joe buck. But this guy Romo knows when to shut up. He uses his knowledge as a player to actually tell viewers what to expect based on what he sees. He doesn't simply tell you. What you just saw. And then condemn it or approve it. He actually is into the game. Like a fan. He does not have a professional broadcasters voice doesn't sound like a Ron radio talking. You just a real guy. And it's his second year. He works with Jim Nance. Jim Nance is like, Al Michaels. Whoever works with them automatically seems better. Al michaels. Jim Nance make everybody working with a better. But but but Romo is rated he on this play. I'm talking about he called him. He said this play. Nobody's going to think of this place where the games lost. If this doesn't work it was third into. And I think there were I may have the game situation of four minutes. Four minutes or six minutes left. Third and two Steelers had the ball on their forty or forty two yard line. And there was no. And and they they lined up telegraphing that they're going to run the ball off tackle run a plunge play here which allowed the saints to bunch the box. There was no way this kid. Stephen Ridley the running back was going to gain two yards. There was no way third and two. They had been marching all day on the saints defense. The coach said there in four down territory anyway at that point in the game. They had a four point lead. They're trying to do two things. Run the clock. Maybe kick a field goal or get another score. There was running that ball any stuffed and then fumbled. And just. It was it was bad. Then then the situation that was not the best. It was fourth and five and they call fake punt. And they were short by yard similar similar game situation. I think the Steelers start trying to eat up the clock too soon at a four point lead. And they start running the ball right outta the locker room in the second half instead of continuing to pour on the juice, and they needed if every point they could get because the defense has been porous. You've got a hall of fame quarterback drew Brees beside it can carve you up at data held it pretty well. The only had one touchdown pass until the last game. It was frustrated because the game could have been one in the slavers had three or four these this season. That chipped away. But here's the thing folks every team that is that played yesterday that got close to a playoff spot or secured one has won four of their last five or three of their last four or six of their last eight the Steelers of lost four of their last five. They're not they're not trending in the right direction. Now for the Steelers the Cleveland Browns have to beat the ravens in Baltimore on Sunday. And the Steelers have to beat the Bengals both of which can happen. I think I think the Browns can beat the ravens, but we'll see. It was it was frustrating. Because if that if those two things don't happen in the Steelers are are gone, and they're such a such a great team for the league ratings TV ratings, and so forth talent is our next call Appleton, Wisconsin this were visiting team stay when they go to play the Packers. How're you doing? Again merry Christmas. Thank you very much. Thank you for doing your life show today. I don't get to listen to you much because of school. Well, that's right. I see talent is eleven years old. I should've mentioned that. So this is a big thrill for you. You get to hear me live today because you're not in school. Yeah. Question about your Rush Limbaugh. Rush revere books. Yeah. Are you making another on book? At the moment. No. But it's something that we're always thinking about we actually did we did one more book than we had attended to do when this when this all started, and we had hoped that the rush revere series would be gangbusters successful. And it it has been. So we go back and forth on a talent. I wish I could tell you guaranteed for sure there's gonna be a new one. And if that day ever comes I'll make sure that I prominently announced I'm just gratified as I can beat you like them. So much from them. My dad introduced to me when I was fairly young. And they just like really loved them. How how old were you when you were fairly young and started reading them? I don't know. You're eleven forty seven or eight years ago. Well, who's your favorite character? Liberty liberty the talking horse. Everybody's favorite character. Because he's a smart Aleck. Well, I'll tell you what you know, what tell if you'll hang on. Let's let me get your address. Because we we everybody that calls us that loves the revere books. We send them a little package from rush revere and liberty from the gang there where they live and. Of this stuff for us to say, thank you. Thank you to you for enjoying the books and your enthusiasm for them. It's really great. And I'm glad you're getting a lot out of them. I really am makes my day. So thank you for calling have a merry Christmas with your family talent. Okay. And I'm really glad you got to hear the program. Glad I came in. And do it today. Okay. Okay. Okay. Let me take a brief timeout here. We'll give us some significant time on the other side. And I'll do my best here at explaining what I think's going on with the. With the stock market here. I just I'll set it up by telling you, it isn't Trump's fault. Like a lot of people are trying to make you believe here's Jim in Clarksville Virginia. I'm glad you waited, sir. You are up. Hi. Thank you rush. Thank you for taking my call. I'm gonna be at Phnom veteran longtime listener been listening since Moby. Dick was a minnow. Talk about is a democrat liberal, use language control. You won't hear them say illegal aliens or illegal immigrant. They say undocumented. You won't hear them say once they get here that they go on welfare, they get entitlements. And then you have these illegal alien children had been here for years. Those are DACA. Now, what President Trump needs to do is take the word wall addition and focus on national border security, securing the border taking care of our people that are here now and just keep drilling on that. Because that's what's going to get through. You believe do you think? That's okay. Yeah. I in fact, I've been doing that myself. And I think the president has to. That's why I've always said the the wall and I've gotten in trouble, but Trump is for this. But I've always said the wall is essentially symbolic because it stands for exactly what you say border security. However, we get there wall would be great. Don't misunderstand. But we can have border security to if we don't get a wall. It's not the only way to have it be the best, but a wall and a wall alone. Is too big a target to destroy too. Big a target to make fun of even though they work and anybody who wants to protect something. There's puts it behind a wall. Go to any enclave of any city where the wealthy live and see if you could just walk in. There's a gate and most of them have people at that gate. There are walls of one kind or another some of them are actual brick and mortar walls, others are landscaping walls. But there's simply no way you can just walk in the Vatican has one of the biggest walls you've ever seen and it works. And so does Israel. That's the point they do work. And that's why the Democrats are opposed to it. But in terms of selling it, that's why I keep focusing and border security here at accusing Democrats have not caring about it needs to continue. Rush Limbaugh radio program will continue. Rush.

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