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45 Georgia runoff. Senate race is heating up with President Trump visiting the state tomorrow before polls open on Tuesday, the fifth Around a dozen Republican senators say they will challenge President elect Biden's win in Congress that 117 U. S. Congress is being sworn in today. Democrats Holding a Razor Thin Majority Co. Has a police arrest a man accused of driving his vehicle into a tree that her front lawn late last night. The investigation is ongoing. Springfield Church was destroyed by fire loss We can now a main man is facing charges for three alleged arson two times that happened earlier in the month. Friday, his field police arrested Dusko Vulture of Houlton, Maine. He's accused of attempting to burn the Martin Luther King Presbyterian Church in Springfield. Once on December 13th and twice on December 15th. He faces three charges of attempted arson seventies. We've been actively involved in that that community As a really a social justice church. The church's pastor, Dr Carolyn Curry, Avery says those two fire attempts went unnoticed since right now the congregation meets virtually. But on Monday, December 28th, a major fire gutted the church that was a church building. We are the church and we will continue the mission set forth by God, the investigation continues. And so far, authorities have not officially tied that fire to bolt chef or anyone else. Sherry small WBC Boston's NewsRadio police. And Charlton investigating a shooting that left two people dead last night. Charlton police responded to a call around 7:15 P.m. yesterday, police recalled to these because of a domestic argument, they found the body of one man with what seemed to be self inflicted gunshot wounds and a woman who had been shot as well. That woman later died from her injuries. Names have not yet been released, and state and local police are both coming together to investigate. Ah, closer. Look now at the national coronavirus situation and what's next? Let's find out more from AP correspondent Julie Walker. Multiple states have reported a record number of cases over the past few days, including North Carolina and Arizona. And hard hit California funeral homes or turning families away because they have no more room for bodies and Florida's reporting its first case of the new, more contagious strain of the Corona virus. The U. S has recorded more than 20 million infections since the start of the pandemic, one million of them in New York. Meanwhile, the vaccine rollout continues to face challenges. The CDC says. Over four million people received the first dose of covert vaccine with 13 million doses distributed, but that's far short of operation Warp speeds goal of allocating 20 million doses by the end of last year. I'm Julie Walker. It's 12 49. The number of new coronavirus cases for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day has topped 8500 new cases for covert here in Massachusetts. Dr Jon Santiago with Boston Medical Center, BMC took to Twitter to express his concern on the rising number of covert 19 cases. Make a certain is that given the holidays that we're gonna be a significant service charge on the surgeon, if you will. Meanwhile in the UK A new covert vaccine is being given out. More details from CBS is Wendy Gillette. The UK started distributing the first doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca Corona virus vaccine. The hospital's this weekend Western Sussex hospitals, Dr George Finley. We're really sets up. We'll be able to go backstage as many people as possible. But we anticipate getting through many hundreds a day to start with. The company is expected to supply about two million vaccines a week to the UK as the country's try to control the more contagious strain of the virus that's spreading widely. Their India has also approved the vaccine. Wendy Gillette, CBS News Thousands of Iraqi protesters gathering in Baghdad today on the anniversary of the U. S killing of an Iranian general. Here's a B C's Julian look far Depend to go on on high alert, Bracing for possible Iranian retaliation on the anniversary of the assassination of one of their top generals. Costume Soleimani killed this time last year in the U. S drone strike in Iraq. For weeks, the U. S Air Force has been sending bombers to tour the Middle East in a show of force, but the Pentagon in recent days abruptly sending an aircraft carrier home from the region. Tension have been growing between Iran and the U. S in recent days. But the move could also ease a threat of a military confrontation. Ah Spanish flags humanitarian ship is bringing 265 migrants A safety after rescuing them from the Mediterranean Sea, the open arms charities vessel brought 96 migrants aboard yesterday they had been adrift in a wooden boat without life s in international waters. Most of the passengers were from the African country of Eritrea, and many of them were suffering from hypothermia and in another operation. Meanwhile, the ship took aboard 169 migrants who had departed from Libyan shores where many human traffickers are.

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