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Bishop in Fayetteville far less well funded candidates from the libertarian and Green parties are also on the ballot for NPR news I'm rusty Jacobs in Chapel Hill North Carolina the national weather association a gathering of many allergist is holding its annual meeting in Huntsville Alabama a major Tom because hurricane Dorian and that president trump insisted that Alabama was in danger the Birmingham weather office immediately corrected that assertion then last week the national oceanic and atmospheric administration said the Birmingham office shouldn't have done that Paul Schlatter is president of the national weather association he says no what was wrong he felt like he was coming against operational meteorology that what we do to make the forecast we message what those impacts are going to be to the best of our abilities in a way that decision makers can make decisions and I felt like that was was being questioned when the office in Birmingham was just trying to relay that there wasn't any real threat to the citizens of Alabama the letter says meteorologist make forecasts they don't deal with politics Coast Guard workers rescued four crew members from a capsized cargo ship off Georgia Monday all four were described as alert and in relatively good condition the ship had rolled onto its side and caught fire Sunday morning twenty crew members were rescued South Korea says North Korea has fired more projectiles into waters off its east coast Jason's brother reports south Korea's joint chiefs of staff say the north's military fired two unidentified projectiles as part of another apparent weapons test so called an emergency meeting following the early morning launch there have been several rounds of such test firing since president trump met north Korean ruler Kim.

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