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Muster deal he was one of our effective and acted given in the member here and every morning i see him in a prayer and greet me with a big smile on his face as he came to the united states i think 1998 he is dotted working hard ends diversion is john rainey and she also didn't or only worked also he was continuing his education when he came from somalia that he's dotted an unconscious of the language and in a sign himself to allow the junior colleges here and he announced that he worked hard he graduated 2016 with the dodges degree and and he immediately enrolled himself to a master's degree and his hope was too go back and contribute to this had been a deal somebody and sh on his homecountry dj jim drum and jyle to give with education and experience he gone from minnesota and that is the morning that he had on design and he as you every morning on the other end renowned dan you would tell you something about in a guding up in somalia or you know some satin was from somalia and when he was go in there he had he heard numbers unity that they may get a job from night nation i think one of the position got auction and he wanted to apply is a trip sh last them you heard me in checked in his hotel bomb went off and judging his in her loss.

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