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Madrid star christiano rinaldo wants to quit the team in leave spain this summer after being accused of tax evasion has source confirmed this news to espn fcc following multiple reports in europe gab marcatti espn soccer analysts said there could be a little more to the story madrid star chris christiana rinaldo has let it be known via his people that he's done with the club he's done with the club where he won the champions big this year and is ready to move on now wisey upset while apparently has to do with the fact that is currently being investigated by spanish tax authorities he accused of evading up to fifteen million dollars in taxes and he could possibly face jail time if convicted of feels that he's been subject to a witchhunt by the spanish tax authorities want to make an example of him and he feels he has received enough support from rao madrid so the suggestion is that he could be sold he could move on elsewhere by my impression is that this is a little bit of a powerplay what he actually wants is wants to be treated fairly and he wants perhaps a lighter sentence rather than going and making a clean break with a club at this stage as source close to renault although confirmed the esb nfc that blair would rather be in another country than deal with what he sees as persecution in spain michael smith caught up with espn soccer analysts taylor wellman who agrees the move brunell there could be a powerplay but is also could be a pretty serious situation for the soccer star renault rinaldo not arielle madrid like could have really happen i dunno michael i don't i don't know what to make of this situation i really don't because oddly in the spanish law if you're sentence as a first offender under twenty four months like we saw with messy who was found to be guilty of tax fraud over round five five million or what not he got twenty one months if you're under twenty four much you actually don't have to go to jail but if messy got twenty one months for four and a half million in christiano is on fifteen million sixteen and a half i think this is more serious than than others are led to believe michael i think you're covering spy gate eight when bill ballot check was fined i think five hundred to seven hundred.

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