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Roman Harper, Cam Newton, Mike Tolbert discussed on Around the Horn



To Cam Newton still unsigned ten. Some former teammates is Mike Tolbert. Roman Harper they get the panthers fall voting the timing of when they cut him and also how they treated his injuries last season in the last couple of seasons by Sarah Spain well. Their fault lies malice intended. I don't know if the timing was just terrible. Considering this unexpected pandemic the injury of course is the reason that teams don't feel comfortable but also you know he's a guy was becoming off a big salary and his starter. Where does he feel like? He fits in as a backup if they don't know how healthy is and they don't know if he wants that that's tough but I do think the way. They handled his injuries of late. Has Been Suspect. And you have to go in really and ask Cam directly. How much did you WANNA play? How much did you tell them that you were okay playing? There's a give and take there for sure is not yours. Yeah it's a lot of. He said he said here. And it's hard to take aside necessarily without a bunch of facts but the one thing that just jumps out to me is how it got to this point to begin with I mean. How many organizations have this type of relationship with a quarterback who won MVP who took them to a super bowl and has other teammates backing them up? It just makes you question the Carolina Panthers Franchises a little bit. Jackie macmullan if he was in fact the face of your franchise. He played great football for you until the injuries started piling up on. Don't you give this guy a conversation where you can say? Look I think we're thinking of releasing you we're GONNA try to. Do you get a chance to catch on with a good team and to be able to continue your career. I don't think anyone can say.

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