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It is not a coincidence. That the Wauwatosa police and fire commissions investigator's report was released today. Why is this? Not a coincidence? Why do you think it's not a coincidence? The investigator knows the well you've got it and you've got a kind of a reverse. You've got a kind of envy you having a little bit in reverse there. They are using the release of this report. To provide the basis for the decision that The district attorney is going to bank Steve Biscuit because a former United States attorney was hired by the Fire and Police Commission to deal with the situation with regard to officer MENSA. Now, first of all, what a stress. He has nothing to do with whether or not you can say is going to be charged. The Fire and Police Commission can't charge anyone with anything. They are in charge of overseeing and hiring and firing the employees of the police and fire department. Misko pick was hired for the purpose of dealing with the case of Officer MENSA in terms of his continued employment with the city of Wauwatosa. The bus Cubic report that came out today said that MENSA was properly fired. And the pus. CU pick report went odd to go into the most detail that I have seen so far. On what happened in the shooting that occurred at Mayfair. By putting all of that out only hours before Chisholm makes his report. I think that there's undeniable coordination here in terms of what the planet is. In the report. Ehskoo pick described. And there's been this debate back and force that statements put out by the family statements put up by Kimberly Motley and so on about the nature of what happened with Alvin Cole and the gunshot. Invesco picks report he states That on the day in which the disturbance was occurring at Mayfair. And a number of officers had responded to the seed. That call pulled a gun out of his fanny pack, and then it accidentally went off striking him. No, The next point is critical. There have been many claims made. But at the time that he was shot, Alvin call was unarmed and that his weapon was not loaded. The Bioscope IC report discusses this And again Moscow picks had access to all of it. It videotapes in somewhat This is a very, very fine lied, but it's an important lied. Priscu picks, report claims That because when cool pulled the gun out of his fanny pack He actually by accident, discharged the weapon and struck himself. That there was no bullet in the gun. Now follow me on this. According to Basco picks report. The magazine was the catch from the gut. So the gun that he fired the bullet that he fired was the one that was in the chamber. Is a bullet in the chamber of the gun. The guys pulling the gun out of his fanny pack and Shoots himself. Because the magazine was not on the gun are not connected with the God at that precise moment. Would you say the gun is unloaded that the gun is not loaded. But Scoop IX report then says. Cole had no way of knowing this. Nor would the officer. In other words, How would anybody know whether or not there are additional bullets in the magazine and whether it at the magazine is ready to be fired? So the point that is made here. Biba Scoop. It is But the officer clearly had reason to believe that this is a loaded gun. Given the fact that guy I just fired the gut. Let's put ourselves in the other guy's shoes. Who wants to be the guy with the gun? You army? You're gonna be the guy with a gun. Imagine you pull out a gun. And you shoot it and I hear a shot. Hello, my to know whether or not you have any more bullets in your God, there's no way to know There is no way to know. But what? What do you what would I now? A superb What I what I would've soup is you have more than one bullet. That would be my thought process. Let's imagine I'm Driving somewhere and I have a gun in my car. And a guy walks up to me and fires a shot into my car. And I see him still has that gun now. Obviously, I don't know if he fired the only bullet that was in the gun. Did he have it fully loaded when he walked upon Edie have only one. But who does? But given the fact that the gun was fired once, and he still had the gun The assumption is the gun was loaded now that export Wise, call armed Unless we are going to Say that the English language doesn't mean with the English language means a guy holding a gun is armed. I'm gonna put the gun in my hand this time and not Paul's. Paul. Let's suppose I pull out my gun and I pointed at you. My armed How do you do if I got is loaded. You don't because it's armed. Does that mean carrying a loaded weapon armed means they're carrying arms. You have a firearm? That's what armed is. Add combining the fact that that gun was already fired. It is logical for some what I believe to believe that this is an individual that has more shots to fire. Here's the next part..

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