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Of games going forward if they stay at that clip. And they'll be without one of the most consistent performers on the Interior D line today. Pro Bowl tackle Kenny Clarke will miss just his fifth game of his career after injury he suffered last week against Minnesota. Meanwhile, former Wolverine Rashan Gary continues to improve. Outside linebackers Coach Mike Smith says he got a lot of pressure on Kirk Cousins last week as he was stunning to the inside and even played a role on an interception kickoff for Lions Packers coming your way here in just a bit. Meanwhile, the Vikings are getting set to take on the cultist afternoon down in Indy, and they'll be without their starting right guard paddle flying the 30 year offensive linemen out of Ohio State was moved to write guard from center this year. And now has been placed on I R, which means he'll be sidelined for at least three weeks, But reports indicate he'll be out even longer than that, after it was revealed that he needs surgery on his thumb. Also out for this one will be rookie corner. Cameron Dancer was sore ribs. And that's a position well, they'll need some better production from especially after last week's beat down against Green Bay. We'll also need to generate more pressure in the trenches to Neil Hunters Long gone to Dallas, and he was one of the better pass rushers over the last couple of seasons. But they'll need to Seymour from guys like Janek and Doc way if they want to get to the quarterback. Kickoff of Ike's cold scheduled for one o'clock and to say the Bears fourth quarter comeback win against the Lions last week was surprising. That would just be a flat out understatement. Mitch Torbinski looked lost at points during that game. He was able to leave three touchdown drives in the last answer to push him to a win. Now, one of the guys that will need to continue to get open is Alan Robinson, The Detroit native had a decent day last week in his hometown. In front of no family or friends with five catches for 74 yards, But those targets may need to come, even Mohr and they may be in store because he seems to be a favorite target of Travis Keys. And on the defensive side of the ball. Look, it's very simple. Chicago's front seven is going to need to find a way to get even more pressure than they did last week. Kickoff for Bears Giants this afternoon from Soldier Field scheduled for one o'clock. That's this edition of exploring the North..

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