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Chuck Todd, President Trump, Donald Trump discussed on Bill Cunningham


Question the news anchor Chuck Todd even raise the eyebrows across the media this morning when asked of president trump quote had blood on his hands on quote for is delayed response to the corona virus outbreak during an interview with judge Joe Biden invite look like a fool this morning on NBC's meet the depressed Todd pointed to the democratic messaging on the pandemic which says fair to take aggressive action could cost lives quote this is from Chuck Todd code words Tim Russert when you need a quote do you think Mr vice president there is blood on the president's hands considering the slow response on quote or is that too harsher criticism on quote Biden said that's a little too harsh Todd so Biden is calling Chuck Todd's implication too harsh calling the president a murderer and by the way what was the president doing in December January and February what the Congress with the impeachment if the Democrats had their way in the Senate then they want to take all these depositions which to stretch this impeachment farce into March which party wanted to delay this and which party wanted to address it will that be the Republicans and trump wanted to address it beginning January the thirty first and the Democrats called on me Hey misogynist and homophobe in a racist for wanting to address the issue and the Democrats one of the impeachment farce to continue into March so what what was Nancy Pelosi doing in December and January was she ready for this Chuck Todd said the president has blood on his hands let's go to Jim in Rhode Island German Rhode Island welcome to the bill Cunningham show Jim please go ahead thank you thank you bill I I just want to mention last Sunday at the after listening to the president and watching TV pretty much all week being in my home sheltering in place the president and then most people have been saying this is how we defeat the virus and American America would be better for it I listen to your program and honestly bill I thought you're gonna have a heart attack you're pounding the table so hard that the killer might be worse than the problem itself in other words killed during police shutting down the economy might be more devastating to the people of America then the virus itself ten in the morning I woke up and I listen to the radio the local radio station and they were saying and also the national news on the radio station were saying that the president had tweeted in the early morning that the killer might be worse than the problem itself and I went back and I did some research he tweeted at twelve fifty AM so after your program was over fifteen minutes later I don't know if you talk to I suspect he was listening to your program he he he got what you said and this week that's what he's been talking about exclusively almost is that we we have to be very careful because we all know up front I have a friend who's a works in a hospital police tested today for the coronavirus I have another friend days getting tested tomorrow so I really can't I'm sixty four years old I have some underlying conditions yes I'm concerned about this I have compassion I know you're Catholic man I know you have compassion but I think what you said was true and I just want to let you know I was I do think here on Sunday night before I go to bed and I thought he's going off the rails but you've put you put the idea in my head he gave pause to me and I think what you said is true and of course the president I truly believe you must have been listening to you last Sunday well well I'll say this gym that nobody all we almost have compassion for anyone you me my mother your son your daughter whoever might be anyone who dies of anything is a horrible event according to Toni found G. of those who catch this about one percent are going to die now if you're the one percent I'm the one percent it's a total loss what is the national policy when we have other events transpiring such as five hundred thousand Americans die every year of cigarette use forty thousand Americans died in a traffic accident seventy thousand Americans die of heroin or overdoses of fentanyl and carfentanil and all those things are terrible we have stopped the country completely because of this event and perhaps we should I hope Jim that those listening tonight understand that essentially the country is stopping on this event and I pray to god they know what they're doing and and I mean literally I pray to god they know what they're doing because are stopping the country.

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Chuck Todd, President Trump, Donald Trump discussed on Bill Cunningham

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