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Debbie on cloudy Seattle hills sign his tender with the Seahawks to finalize that deal it is time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless the Texans will receive a twenty twenty third round pick as well as pass rusher bar KBS mingle and linebacker Jacob Morton John McClain of the Houston Chronicle earlier on game nights you guys get a manager bill o'brien is big getting roasted here bill o'brien's in control people say well I'm a general manager will you do is just the fact of general manager and he's running the show so I makes the cloudy deal and everybody's doing it Sean Watson is crying tears of joy Romeo for Alice cry and the truth is there deep as well be as good without cloudy replacing him is Brandon scarlet afford your former undrafted free agent but tonsils played really well for three years in under contract this year two one if they eat this site picked up the fifth year option at the canon change but I know they're going to try to tension after this season and Kenny stills is got speed like will lower to play with the dish dish on opposite the Andre Hopkins so for winning this year we we all knew cloudy was gone we just didn't know what but the tonsil trade and again he still correct straight shooter tags and have a great offense as long as Watson stays healthy can you explain why they had they wanted to trade county clearly is our set was our second best defense of player what great against any great right defense last year darn overall eighty two point nine yards of games first in opponent savage per Kerry three point four he played a big role in that but he wanted to be a black Primera pass rush that read transaction so they were not gonna plant is so bright colors two days ago is that it's not about whether US warning yeah it's the difference in value from a financial standpoint other wars colliding wanted more than they were then they were offering and I want him to success laugh less than a demanded so they knew they were going to try it taxes also tray for running back Carlos Hyde and that is straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart more college pigskin on the other side as a current George quarterback in a pair of former Georgia signal callers all shine and week one that the baseball record books re written with new home run mark for seasoned and month we'll let you know who did what when sports at all my returns your computer your phone choose tell your smart speaker to play ESPN radio ESPN everywhere this is Serra Reilly auto.

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