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30 to 66 back to wtmj nights. Will you be doing anything different? Come playoff time. I mean as much as you do for these things during the regular season. Do you feel an extra dose of responsibility and or pressure too? Take your tracker Pro Moes up. Well, we'll find out what way it's a good question, because I haven't thought that far ahead yet. It's a week by week kind of thing. You got time. I was. Yeah. Yeah, we know. I know. I know. I was done. I don't think you where I was done. I don't think so. How are you gonna say anything? Wait a week aren't well. Brake the brake day today. Minute to minute. And were two minutes late. Actually were three minutes late, So he's been waiting minute to minute, Tony Bedrock breaking news Center. Take it away. All right. Thank you. Scott, the family of Jo Ella Savino, demanding answers after recently released 911 audio of the incident leading up to his death. Former Milwaukee police officer Michael Mattioli, charged with his murder. MPD tells WTMJ it has no comment because of the ongoing litigation. The FDA moving one step closer to an emergency use authorization form for murder. NAS Covert 19 vaccine receiving a unanimous recommendation, clearing the way for its emergency use authorization a new mobile apple launch next week in the Badger state that will let people know if they've been in close contact. Someone has tested positive for the virus. The APP, which launches on Wednesday meant to bolster the state's contact tracing efforts, and it appears hackers have made their way into the U. S government and private networks. Russian hackers suspected to be behind the infiltration of agencies like the Department of Energy, Commerce and Homeland Security. Wtmj paella wi dot com Time saver traffic all clear on the roads right now, the way she was 94 westbound downtown through the zoo while the way out to highway 16 getting out Just fine 17 minutes 41 45 south bound from Highway Q to the zoo all clear 14 minutes there no problems. 43 North found downtown to get Hope Road is eight minutes and your delay free south out of the city. Downtown Layton Avenue was seven. Traffic is sponsored by Sylvan Learning Center in Brookfield at Sylvan Results matter. Case. The next report card with Sylvan Learning Center of Brookfield After attending Sylvan students typically see up to 2 to 3 times more growth in their math and reading scores. WTMJ five day forecast for tonight, Clearing Sky cold and frosty alone. 24.

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