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Metcalf to the left side away from Ramsey again throw the bubble of picked. It picked various Williams jumped in, and he's gonna house it a pick six defensive touchdown and the rounds extend their lead. Called courtesy of 17, ESPN Seattle You can get whipped and you could get walked and the Seahawks got walked yesterday. That defense led by Aaron Donald was unbelievable in what they did to Russell Wilson in the Seahawk skating. I don't know what to be more impressed by up front with Erin Donald and Leonard Floyd, who are just monsters and obviously had Russell Wilson on the run from the get go or the secondary for the Rams, which is arguably maybe the best secondary and the league. A lot of people wouldn't talk about the defense of performance and rightfully so because it was so dominant. They played so physical from start to finish, But I was impressed with Sean McVeigh's offensive game plan coming into it. Look, they had a quarterback issue. They had John Woolford starting the game because Jared Goff just had surgery on his thumb 12 days ago. He's got three pins and it's all taped up on the sidelines, so he's not going to go. You have to start the wool for he gets banged up when they got to go to golf, like the quarterback situation was wild yesterday and yet can't acres steps up. And they said here, we're gonna hand the ball off to you and you're gonna run it down the throat time and time again, And so they opened the game just Within extreme rush attack that I thought Shaun would they had those guys ready to go? They played physical on both sides of the ball. But obviously to your point, The defense stole the show, but, you know I don't know what this means for them moving forward. They're pretty banged up, obviously got banged up. You got Donald as well rib injury, you know, And then you've got golf he's working through. I thought he played really well, though, and kind of found his rhythm as the game went on disappointed we're talking about. Frank writes coaching decisions. I thought I thought Pete Carroll's coaching decision it was all about. Let Russ cook right yet every single first down. I feel like Seahawks decided to run the ball and put themselves in the bad situations against Ah, McVeigh did lead defense and that defense was nothing short of fantastic. Nothing short of fantastic was the game between Tampa Bay and washing yesterday and Tom Brady getting it done once again. Dropping.

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