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Know the the nba has lost a lot of revenue from obviously kobe. And some other tv factors and you know an easy way to raise revenue in the owners. Get some money in their pockets. Suit sell you know. Sell the rights to a brand new franchise over there. So that's it's a. It's an easy way to do that. I know i've heard them. And then vegas coming in together so to two new teams but i think it is. I think i'd say it's inevitable. I don't know when i wouldn't be surprised if in the next let's say three years. It's announced that they're getting a new team. And maybe by the end of the decade team player hopefully sooner than that I know guys like isiah. Thomas and jamal crawford are like hoping happens in the next couple of years because they all wanna play there You know it's funny of all the guys who grew up in that area. The only one who kinda has the triple crown of of doing that actually funny enough. Daedalus shrimp right. He played up. He transferred over from germany and played basketball in high school there then he played at washington and then spent obviously significant time the nineties with sonics. Oh he's the only one who has the full suite of experience of playing in high school college and pro ball in seattle. And he's a huge advocate for it. So i think they're coming back again. I'm just guessing on the data ties but if somewhere the next two three or four years. It was announced for sure i would be surprised. Well look it's also very interesting and again the are slated. I don't know if it's still going to happen. I'm assuming the nhl is going to try their damnedest to make The fall the debut as originally scheduled for the crack. But the here's the highest irony right. The arena that they're going to be playing in is wait for it. The former keyarena now notice climate pledge arena right and so the ultimate irony of this and obviously hugely renovated and completely you know almost down to the studs right but but it is. This is not like a complete wizard of oz scenario where there's a brand new you know new modern stadium and i mean it will be modern for d- don't get me wrong but i'm saying it's it's literally in the same footprint of where the legacy of much of the previous team gained its its glory so you use the term and i keep borrowing it and i will keep doing so liberally until told otherwise this through line right the the actual stadium will have. I wouldn't call them ghosts but it will certainly have lots of probably positive vibes and spirits. Be talking about the same. You know literally the same soil upon which this team got birth in the late sixties and it's and that's exactly right. I mean the guys who who you talk about being advocates for guys like doug christie You know they all went. You know doug christie lacrosse robinson. They went to rainier. Tie school right down the road right like you. You've got these guys who still live there. That i think is the most impressive part of it. You know. Jamal crawford lives there. Roberts lives there. Isaiah lives out in seattle tacoma. These guys are still around. You know and so when the team does come back. I hope that somehow maybe i dunno ownership groups are really difficult but they they give some kind of I don't know like a board or something it's all the nba players who are from the area kind of advise on getting back into the community. Because i just think it'll be great for the city. Well that that actually brings up the the other sort of may be parallel to this. I wonder if some of these players as they end their playing careers and and look towards You know either staying in basketball or other business pursuits and stuff i mean you're you're mentioning. You know some of these guys that you interviewed for this for this book. Jamal crawford As as tom. There's all kinds of. There's definitely money. They're right if they're saving and doing their business deals and relationships. Have you wonder if you know this. Sort of seattle mafia if you will might have some Some genuine connection that either could be part of the ownership or at least maybe the ambassadors foreign ownership group to truly make a return to the nba for seattle authentic heritage d-. I'm reminded of the north american soccer league back in the day and and three of the teams that now dominate the pacific northwest and major league soccer all three of them borrowing and then by i guess sort of bring into their own nest the histories of those previous teams into the current teams some of the artificial with a huge gap in between. But i guess my point is that there's an authenticity there of the creation right. It would be really you know if you're picturing those kind of a dream snare but if you're picturing like you said with the crack in a well run well-thought-out announcement scenario you have to believe that when the day comes up they announced the sonics coming back. That you've got sean kemp and gary payden front and center talking about it. Perhaps george karl is there than behind. Then you've got all the players from seattle have been holding down since they haven't had a team you jamal on is a in doug christie nate and all those guys wearing jerseys like if they do it right they will have all the like you said all the ambassadors they need to tie all the way back to the beginning you know. I'm sure they could get guys like x. men mayor and maybe oh hopefully You know some of the guys from the seventies or still around and wanna come in but It to me there is a there is a very slam. Dunk way to do this. And it involves all those guys and look. I'm sorry from the broadcast perspective at has to has to have kevin collaborative. Yeah exactly yeah. Exactly have him there announcement. You know. have any better do a concert. You know i mean like you can you. And i who are not going to be a part ownership group could put together a hell of an introduction for the new team right so they should just do that but but look i know. This sounds like a little dreamy here but that this this is in the realm of possibility and again cove side and a return to some kind of normal or at least evolved in person. game experience. you mentioned it before i mean. Seattle is a gaping hole in the nba's geography. Which i think is even more important now media wise than perhaps it was ever before i look. We're forget right that there was a time right. Where seattle and portland. And oh yes. Remember the vancouver grizzlies right. There was a north west basketball like troika there. That was kind of fun for those.

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